#BBNShineYaEyes: Interesting persona and characters on full display at the Ladies Premiere

On the second half of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 premiere late Sunday, we were introduced to the ladies.

Confidence and beauty seemed to be the theme of the night, as the ladies dazzled tonight. Show host, Ebuka introduced us to the new contestants with brief interviews, and here’s what we got from them:

First to take the stage was 21-year-old Angel Agnes Smith; who seems like a interesting individual with a complex personality. Her eleven tattoos, the fact that she is a writer and claims to be bossy may be proof of this, but only time will tell.

One thing that caught our attention however, was her statement that everyone else would have to adjust to her and her bossy nature. The reality is that one can hardly fault this strategy, as assertiveness on the show goes a long way; a phenomenon fans of the show are well aware of, .

26-year-old Peace Ogor was next to enter and from her first set of words, she sounded like a sophisticated young lady. She alluded to being an embodiment of her name Peace, but could switch things up if she was pushed to the wall.

With time, should she last, maybe fans will gravitate towards her supposed peaceful persona, but as we all know BBN fans prefer war.

Next up was 29-year-old Jackie Bent or Jackie B. She is a single mom with a beautiful boy. What caught our attention with this housemate was when she admitted to being flirtatious.

Perhaps, her game plan going into the house is to confuse the gentlemen. If that’s the case, we say ride on girl. BBN is all about the spice and with a beautiful lady like this flirting in the house, things are sure to get really spicy.

Coming in as the fourth female housemate was 29-year-old Tega Dominic. She said she loves to dance, and that’s at least, one good thing. More interestingly, she also said she loves to touch the body of others which is something to watch out for.

In her brief interview with Ebuka, we may have gotten a glimpse of a lady who is sexually confident or maybe not; as the bright lights can sometimes make people say things they don’t mean.

29-year-old Arinola Olowoporoku, simply known as Arin, was the fifth lady to take the stage. Just a glance at this young woman is enough to grab and keep your attention. Her 17 piercings make her stand out, and her energy appears magnetic.

She promised to bring some of this energy to the house as well as her true self; which is very emotional and reactive to the show. This, in all honesty (combination of energy and emotions) should be interesting to watch out for.

The sixth lady to enter the house was 29-year-old Maria Chike Agueze; an ex-air hostess turned realtor who sells houses in Dubai.

She exudes sophistication, class and intelligence with a fetching glow. She seems like she’s on the show to grow her audience, because it doesn’t look like money is of any problem to her.

She didn’t do or say much to demonstrate what kind of character she would be in the house. So for Maria, we truly just have to wait and see.

Roseline Omokhoa Afije (26) aka Liquorose, was the seventh lady to take the stage.

With a name like that, maybe we just have an energy match for White Money. She appears to be the most fun loving person tonight and her energy, charisma as well as charm were too glaring to ignore.

She is a dancer who expresses her emotions through dance. After all, her dancing on stage proved this point.

Beatrice Agba Nwaji (28), yet another dancer, was the eight lady to make her way to the stage. She noted that she hates liars as well as pretenders, and has fully subscribed to the idea of ‘what will be will be.’ For this reason, there is no point in lying to her.

She is a marketer and entrepreneur who runs her own fashion line. Between her hatred for lies and her visible discomfort on stage, we can only hope that she would read the room and play the BBN game (the home of deception) once she has settled in,.

The ninth lady to take the stage was 30-year-old Princess Francis. The first thing she said was what first caught our attention and that was the fact that she is a taxi driver.

Already a humble lady who is all about her hustle, she might just be exactly what this show needs. With this particular housemate though, we just have to wait and see what she brings, but there is no denial that she seemed extremely confident and very optimistic.

22-year old Tsakute Jonah aka Saskay was next. According to her, she noted that she is very emotional, loves food and is a rather quiet person. The food thing looks interesting, owing to the fact that the kitchen in the BBN show has been where most fights erupt.

She did look the most comfortable on the stage tonight, so maybe she is just being humble by claiming she’s quiet. Also, she said she is in a relationship but not a solid one, so we can say Saskay is already an intriguing housemate.

27-year-old Anita Singh simply known as Nini was the final housemate. A model who owns a fashion brand which she hopes to launch when she leaves the BBN house.

She seemed hyper and energetic and did promise to bring a lot of energy and drama to the house. She also said that while in the house, she will always be on her guard. Not sure how she hopes to pull that off, but we await to see.

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