Tips to pick scents that’ll make you linger

by Esho Wemimo

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.

                                                                               Coco Chanel

Perfume is an essential on every woman’s make up table; in fact it’s necessary she has more than one type of fragrance. Perfume is a mixture of oils, aroma compounds that reacts when it touches the skin to give out a pleasant smell.

The scents in perfumes are derived from plant sources, some animal sources and others are synthetic chemical compounds. These scents can be subdivided according to their components and how long they last for. In order of the strongest scent and how long they last its Perfume, Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette and cologne or body mist.

Perfume is usually applied to the wrists, both sides of the neck, cleavage, back of the knees, behind the ear lobes. Perfume can also be sprayed on clothes, however not directly; there should be a space of about 10cm.

Perfumes come in varying scents, so in shopping for a good perfume, select one with a scent you really like, not one that is too strong or makes you sneeze. Perfume bottles also come in beautifully crafted bottles so you can have a great smelling fragrant and a beautiful perfume bottle to decorate your dressing table.

Wearing a signature perfume goes a long way; it can also be a means of identification. It’s such an intriguing effect when a lady walks out of a room but leaves her scent behind.

 Using fragrance can also be a way to catch the eye of the guy you’ve been eyeing, a good fragrance makes people linger when they come in contact with you.

It’s important to remember not to spray too much perfume, it’s awful being stuck in an elevator or bus with a person bathed in perfume.

Perfume is not a substitute for not taking a bath, taking baths are very important, so is a good deodorant.

Do keep your perfumes away direct sunlight. Purchase a fragrance that works best for you and smells nice to not just you but a majority of people around you. 


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