We take policy violations seriously | @Google explains why @LindaIkeji’s blog was shut down

by Anike Jacobs

Yesterday, the Nigerian blogosphere went agog as tech giant, Google shut down the blog of celebrated blogger, Linda Ikeji, following widespread allegations of copyright infringement and plagiarism levelled against her.

It all began a few days back when one Mr. Aye Dee, Editor-in-Chief of United States-based 15Past8 media group, reported Linda Ikeji to Google, accusing her of copyright infringement.

“Google just notified us that they are removing our copyrighted content from Linda Ikeji’s website. All the stories and images Linda Ikeji took from me without permission in the last few days have been removed from her site by Google. Someone has to say something. It costs money to get good work done. I spend time getting information from my sources, as well as analysing and verifying the information. All that costs money. I don’t mind donating my time for Nigeria’s sake, but for someone to take my labour and use it for personal profit, no way!” Aye Dee had tweeted.

Although the search giant declined commenting on the specifics inline with the company’s policy on not discussing Individual accounts, the official statement from the Communications and Public Affairs, Anglophone West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade reads:

“We are dedicated to offering users the best possible experience across our products. We take violations of policies very seriously as such activities diminish the experience for our users. When we are notified of the existence of content that may violate our Terms of Service, we act quickly to review it and determine whether it actually violates our policies. If we determine that it does, we remove it immediately.”

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  1. @ Philips, Linda will be back and better. Stop being envious of her struggles!

  2. Pure envy full stop. You can smell it a thousand mile away. See how the Range Rover sport dey give am headache. Useless man.

  3. @Oji Philips, dnt take sides yet. U dnt knw all d facts so it will be nice if u just stop already.

  4. I really want to appreciate google for what they have done by calling lindaikeji in to order Nigeria is a criminal society where people are profiting from the intellectual work of others people and goole has demonstrated that blogger cannot just copy other peopl’s worked without their permission.

  5. Honestly, google has shown that they are the first in everything. They have just revived people’s confidence on their services. Linda Ikeji has been known for this act of copyright violation. Most times, reporting false news and reports without verification/permission from the original copyright owners. Thereby dishing out wrong information to our public most times inciting and false reports about the president of Nigeria, the Nigerian arm forces etc This move will now force others to adjust. And instead of her to accept her mistakes, she rather chose to accuse people of being envy of her success, I dare to ask which success? Success on other people’s hard work? No. Success that u bought a range rover who nobody has bought in Nigeria? Success that u built a house that No one has ever built in Nigeria? That is not complete genuine success. Success is evident when u positively give back to the society and help to change, correct and rebuild the mindset of the western world on our country Nigerian. This should encourage any person who feels he’s or her copyright has be violated to seek redress as google has shown the way for others to follow and the best thing here is that you can’t bribe them. To google, we say, thumbs up!

    1. You are here again Mr. Idiota Philips Oshi. Get a life ugly mofo. Haba! I ask again, what or how have you added to the society? Oni iranu oshi! You shall continue to focus on peoples progress to be relevant (as cited by Mr. Aye Dee ewu Bayelsa state & Mr. Philips foolish fufu on YNaija, 2014). You will continue to patronize that Kayz boutique on Agbado crossing to continue buying your packet shirts like the pink one you have on right now. Ozu… ozuo…elenu gbegiri gbegiri… Hungry people… I am very sure that you are still trekking. You are busy saying what is Range… Range is a type of car that Linda actually bought from my fathers coy. Get a life POOR FOOL!

    2. Oh my Gosh!!? Isn’t it evident that u r sooo envious? How many ppl in ur family have u helped? #societygiver

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