[The Church Blog]: Aren’t we done with these visions?

Just to be clear, I am still a Christian. At least, the last time I checked. LOL. So, you need not demonstrate so much worry and concern about my faith due of the sensitivity of this topic.

The truth is, I never knew I was going to write about this until recently, when I was going through my timeline on Twitter and saw a post about another person who was taken up in a vision to heaven and hell and had returned with a report of dos and donts, who’s in hell and who is not and many more. I scrolled past it quickly before my level of curiosity to know the details outweighed my displeasure over these issues.

This isn’t the first time things like this would be making the news; It’s been a long time coming [at least in this part of the world]. A couple of years ago, all many of us ever knew to be Christianity were spooky feelings, falling uncontrollably, ragged clothing, visions of heaven and hell, disgust for things like technology, having weird behaviour and so many other things I can’t remember right now. [You can fill in the rest]. Since we believed this system of Christianity and never sought God for ourselves, it was very easy to persuade us with different traditions and beliefs. Many authors made cool cash out of this; it was very easy. Just have a graphic designer who is averagely good at depicting horns, fire, red, black and every other thing we believe to be associated with the devil and have a compelling story. Your book will sell more if you had a few celebrities in your story of Heaven and hell. Remember those that said they saw Bimbo Odukoya, Pastor Adeboye, Da Grin and a couple of other folks in hell? Then the era of those who somehow were the custodians of the book of life in their hands and knew the number of people in Nigeria who were heaven bound. You remember when someone once said only 20 people among those who visited the RCCG monthly program, Holy Ghost Service were candidates of heaven? I wonder how they even feel about these things now.

Then, something happened and it seemed everyone just moved on. That “vision thing” hardly resonated with anybody again. I believe we just got tired of having lists upon lists upon lists of what we had to do to get God’s attention. Some of us had even given up on making heaven. So, we focused on just living our sinful lives here and just go to the hell everyone was talking about. At least, we won’t suffer in two places. You can’t blame us. That was all we knew.

See, the Bible is very clear on these things and it makes us understand that even if an angel from heaven preaches something to you that is contrary to the gospel, let him be accursed. Nothing more, nothing less.

If we probably read our Bibles more, we won’t be easily fooled.

Are visions biblical? Yes, they are! It’s not evil to have visions at all but they need to be in line with what the word of God says. If it’s not biblical, then it’s not a vision from God. The next time someone comes to you with a vision, ensure it is aligned with God’s word and that it’s not just a product of misinterpretation of the bible.

In essence, this post is not to trivialise the importance of visions in our spiritual walk and condemn those who have real visions but to remind us that every spiritual experience is subject to what the word of God says.

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