The Church Blog: Let’s talk about false prophets and their incredible prophecies

In 2017, I’ve been to only three churches and I have enough predictions or prophecies (as we Christians call it) to last till my name changes to Grandpa.

Everyone has something to say about this year. You can also be sure there is a word for you this year. Don’t be too shocked if a supposed Pastor stops you on the way and gives you a load down of how the year would be. Most of the time, sowing a seed ends the whole affair.

But amidst all these prophecies, you would be forgiven to start picking out which would turn out right or wrong. And from experience where some Prophets predicted that Sister Hillary would end up in the White House, your motives might not all be wrong. Sometimes when you hear some prophecies, you are assured these are just deductions from the news.

Jesus warned against false prophets and some of us have taken it as our point of duty to fish out those false prophets. We go on social media and start dissecting the prophecies with our natural thinking, forgetting that mysterious are the ways of God.  If some of us lived in the time of the prophets of the Bible; Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel would have been false prophets. John, the writer of Revelations would be a senior false prophet. The guy said an angel would blow a trumpet and all, close to 2,000 years now. We are still waiting.

We are just very quick to judge and I think God commissioned most of us to be fishers of false prophets. Even if some of the prophecies are deductions from news stories, when did it become our job to connect the dots. Even if you connect the dots, must the entire world know.

Yes, the scripture says test all spirits. Yes, the scripture says we should prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.  So why don’t we just obey what the scripture says on holding fast rather trumpeting out.

Our prophets/pastors too need some quick lessons on sharing their prophecies. We are not foolish and yes, we have the holy spirit and He would teach and direct us into all TRUTHS. So, wisdom is profitable to direct. There is wisdom in doing things.

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