Church Crawler: Pastor Sam Adeyemi says our 2018 is settled

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Entering into church today and for a moment, you would have been confused. Why? The church was full to overflowing. And we know why – Last Sunday of the year things. Y’all that have not been attending church but came this morning for grace for the race in 2018, we are not judging o, but we are looking at you one kain.

Well, it was the last Sunday of 2018 and coincidentally, the last day of the year too and we decided to make Daystar Christian Centre our abode. I don’t owe you an explanation, do I? Church Crawler got into the A.C filled auditorium of Daystar Christian Centre just in time for the fourth service scheduled for 12:15 pm. Luckily, we got a seat at the front of the auditorium. You know when they say; God prepared a table for me. Yes! Only that, this time, it was a seat.

The service started right on the dot with a rather electric praise session from Healing Streams of God. From the time they mounted the podium in T-shirt and jeans, we knew it was going to be lit. For a moment, one would have thought we were at The Experience.

Wait, children of God don’t lie.

That might have been too much of an exaggeration but you get my point. In the usual Daystar fashion, the church was led in prayers and the first-timers were welcomed.

Then, Pastor Sam Adeyemi climbed the podium and preached a rather expository sermon on the Covenant of distinction based on Exodus 12 and its relevance to us; Believers. How walking in covenant with God liberates our life and is symbolic of the new testament and the lamb; Christ and the need for new creature realities to drive our sense of identity. How pastor Sam manages to maintain a rather vibrant congregation with a very cool and reserved personality still baffles us.

All of a sudden, “izz your boy wizzy“. Ah!

Apparently, the phone of the woman who sat beside me was ringing and her ringtone and the silence of the church had betrayed her.
Can we say a word of prayer for church media team? The media team legit disgraced a particular young man who was sleep – listening during the whole sermon. It must have been an unconscious process but most of the members noticed it and chuckled. What a way to end the year. Poor guy! That’s what happens when you Netflix all Saturday night. But, we shouldn’t even be judging.

Thereafter, Pastor Sam and  Nike Adeyemi began the prophetic declarations. (But, all these pastors and their beautiful wives sha. Goals!) Those two are goals. In the midst of all the prophesies, He pointed out that it’s our year of soaring higher and did not fail to mention the current state of affairs and our role in it. Guess he wouldn’t be Pastor Sam if he didn’t mention something about nation-building. He did not end without prophesying over and over that 2018 is settled. See shouts of Amen all over the building!

As pastor Sam has prophetically declared that 2018 is settled, let’s start chilling into the realm of manifestation. Abi?

Till Church Crawler crawls into your church, Better be prepared, “for the hour cometh…”

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