How to create time to achieve your goals

We all use this excuse, over-flogged and almost downright cliche. “I don’t have time, I haven’t had time”.

Do you ever look at the people you admire and all the amazing things they seem to achieve in the same 24 hours that you have, you can’t help but ask just how did they manage to do it?

Life itself is about goals. Living with a purpose and achieving that purpose with every goal we squash. You could have so many goals, career goals, business goals, family goals, everything you could ever have a goal for.

1) Find out what you really want out of life
This is one very powerful way of eliminating many things you think you want to do. These random time wasters might actually be holding you back from the actual things you should be doing. Write a list of things you’d like to achieve over a certain time frame. Identify the one you deem as most important and list all the actions you need to achieve it.
Start carrying out one action each week to move in the direction you have chosen.

P.S : Eliminate unhelpful activities Try this and you’ll be surprised at how easily you can find that magic extra hour! What would you do with it? If you suddenly lost an hour a day, what would you stop doing? Now, replace one action with the other.


2) Delegate tasks others can help with

Delegate or outsource tasks wherever you can,  it will help you get much more done in a little time.

3) Plan ahead

Remember this saying, ‘if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail’. It’s very true.

Lots of things on our to-do list are often not actions at all, but projects that need two or more steps. Starting writing out the steps you need to take, so you know where to start and can see what’s stopping you. Make sure your first step is a clear, physical step that you know how to achieve.

4) Plan to be punctual

Most times, one of the biggest barriers to achieving ANYTHING is not leaving out enough time to do them properly. Always include plenty of leeway for unscheduled delays, for example always plan to arrive 30 minutes before the an appointment or event. This may mean looking like the “I too know” but it beats arriving flustered an hour later and people wondering why you bothered at all.


I think this is the most major, most pointed at and most self acknowledged barrier to achieving our goals. That thing that keeps you pushing off making an important decision, completing a task or even taking that first step, it’s definitely procrastination.

Anytime you find yourself putting decision making on hold, identify the issue that needs to be thought through, , start a timer for five minutes and start brainstorming until the timer goes off. After you’ve done this, list out all the thoughts that come into your head, the next step is to look through the list and figure out what  you can  first?

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