How to create a Vision Board and stare your dreams in the face

Dreams and goals make a man. We all have things we aspire to, a life we only live in our dreams and a career we only seem to see in Nollywood movies. This article is about a very simple yet insanely powerful technique to make your dreams transform into your reality. This will be an interesting learning session for you.

Firstly, what is a Vision Board?

You may have come across it somewhere on the internet or heard someone talk about it in passing but here’s the down-low. A vision board is one of the many tools that attract positive things into your life.  It is a collection of images/words created by you that clearly portrays what you want and why you want it.

Creating your Vision Board

The vision board is about helping you see the things you want, or feel the feelings you ultimately want to feel.  Maybe you don’t just want a car – you may want the feeling of freedom, speed, and luxury.  You don’t just want a partner – you want to love and to feel loved, be admired and cared for.

1. First step is to decide what you want on the first page and write it at the top of a piece of scrap paper. There are no rules, so you think about what your goals are in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education) and health. You could even have a vision board for different aspects of life.

2. You need to write all the details you can about these things. For instance,  if it’s your dream home, you could write: Terrace house,  lots of land , garden, swimming pool,  open-plan kitchen/living room, bedroom with walk-in closet, etc.

3. Think deeply about how achieving these things would feel For example, when you get your dream house, you might get feelings like: peace of mind, space, freedom, cleanliness, pride, love etc.

4. Now, with your theme, details and feelings, you would images and find pictures that translate all that you wrote. Once you’ve gathered all the imaged you like, print them out.l When you see something you like, print it out.  You can also find images in magazines or photographs.

5.  Glue all your images to a piece of paper or a piece of white cardboard.  If didn’t find images that match a certain feeling, type out the word and cut and paste it on the card or simply write the words with a pen.

What do you do once you have a vision board or boards?

Once you’re done creating your vision board, you need to spend time once a day or every week looking through it, feel free to switch up the images at anytime , there’s no right or wrong to what you put in your book. Whatever makes you happy is the criteria.

You’re aiming to feel how it feels to have the life you want. The more you feel the way it feels to have the life you want, the quicker it will come to you. In life, it may be hard to believe but you really do get what you focus on. By looking over your vision book you not only focus your mind on those thins you want to achieve, but you also focus on the feelings you’re looking to feel.  The more your mind and body knows what you want, the more it will seek it out on your behalf.

The brain works in an amazing way and its so powerful but we hardly engage it. If you focus on negative stuff like the current situation of Nigeria, or the recession, your life will also attract negative news. Quick question ?


Have you ever bought a car or even a pair of shoes that you loved and then noticed that the same item is all over the place?  It happens to everyone of us. It’s simple, before you focused on that car, you never noticed the abundance of them. You only see, when you focus then what you see invariably becomes what you get.

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