Dear Nse: Have you bought your copy of Far-crook’s debut album, courtesy Otedollar Records?

Reuben Abati recently referred to the entire populace as a mob. Is there no end to his madness?

Dear Nse,

Tiedo Nse. That according to my language instructor is “Good day” in Ibibio, your dialect. You see, I am keen on mastering Ibibio. Hopefully, I’ll be fluent in no time and then we can gossip without bothering about prying ears.

By the way have you bought your copy of Far-crook’s debut album, courtesy Otedollar Records? So far it is topping all the charts. Keen watchers of the industry say that it might even sell more copies than Adele and Gotye combined.


 Attempted humour aside, I am tired of the Otedola-Farouk debacle. As far as I’m concerned this saga has dragged on for way too long. Minutes after this bribery scandal broke, both men should have been charged to court or cooling their heels in an anti-corruption detention facility.

Now, what with all the investigations, counter investigations and unnecessary bickering between the parties involved, it has raised more questions than answers. Will the recommendations from the fuel subsidy report remain valid? Most importantly, will Femi Otedola, the middle man TJ, Farouk Lawan and any other indicted person(s)  stand before a Judge?   

By the way why don’t we have a box of jurors in our courtrooms?

Why is judging the sole right of one man or woman as opposed to having a box of everyday people sit in solitude and contemplate intelligently and without sentiments the innocent and guilty? I think this will promote transparency in the judicial sector.

Onto more pleasant matters, preparations for the Olympics have started and I’m excited that a few of our celebs have been part of the build-up. Last week Yaw (Steve Onu), Funke Akindele, Banky W, Kanu Nwankwo carried the Olympic torch on laps around the English city of Coventry. Not one to carry last, Nollywood will also play a prominent part at the Olympics. Three generations of performers including Joke and Olu Jacobs, Kemi Lala Akindoju and OC Ukeje, will star in three stage plays that will be featured in pre games formalities. Said plays are ‘The Lion and the Jewel,’ ‘The Naming Ceremony,’ and ‘The King Must Dance Naked.’

I read ‘The Lion and The Jewel’ in High school and I liked the themes played out in the book. The ‘Modernization of Africa by the western world’ being the most prominent.

These days we’re seeing an africanization of the west, most especially through fashion, art and music. Days ago Wizkid and Sarkodie won BET awards. Granted BET continued its tradition of backstage presentation of awards to the above mentioned acts, but I think with time this will change. Perhaps it’s a prelude to an even greater era where we shall witness collaborations between Terry G and Jay Z. Please, don’t laugh.

I listened in on a conversation between two returnees (they had this intense southern drawl) and can you imagine that they absolutely detest Perry’s portrayal of the black mammy; Madea?

You should have seen the expression on my face. I mean, some people hate Madea? Who on earth hates Madea? *mouth agape*

Well, they said and I quote “Madea represents a sex-starved, domineering black mammy who doesn’t think for a split second before spewing curse words and meeting pans with people’s heads”. As hurt as I was that any right thinking person can dislike Madea, this description had me in stitches!

Do you think I should have made a case for Tyler Perry? Perhaps I should have gone up to the ladies. Oh well, I do hope they come around. Perry is amazing and Madea even more so.

Oh snap, my lecturer is here, gotta run.

N.B – Reuben Abati recently referred to the entire populace as a mob. Is there no end to his madness?

Love always, Tayo

Tayo Adelekan


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