Diezani Alison-Madueke continues to wax strong despite being a wanted woman

If you wish to speak about corruption in Africa, especially in Nigeria, you may end up writing an entire book about it and you wouldn’t have even scratched the surface. Government corruption is a disease plaguing the whole world, but in Africa, this issue seems to be highly persistent.

Corruption is terrible here, not because it merely exists, but because it exists un-apologetically. Leaders over here embezzle and loot public funds to the knowledge of the people and have absolutely no fear of mass hysteria or revolt from the people.

If this wasn’t bad enough, corruption has made its way to every level of government and even law enforcement and regulatory bodies, so in retrospect, the people paid to hold government officials accountable have gotten with the program, and as such have no obligation to destroy a system that benefits them.

To add the icing on the cake, the respect culture we have here has stilled the voices and actions of the masses, under the idea that regardless of how undeserving someone may be, as long as they hold some institutional power over you or said person is older than you, then you must show respect. This ideology have caused many young people to bottle up their frustrations when they eventually come face to face with the very people they believe are making the country grueling for them.

For the longest time, Africa has been a safe haven for corrupt leaders, and corrupt practices. We preach one thing but do the exact opposite, making government transparency look like a fallacy. This is why the furniture allowance for a government official is higher than the monthly budget given to maintain many communities in Nigeria.

Today on social media, people tabled the discussion of corruption in Nigeria, except in this case, the corruption didn’t happen on home soil, but North America’s Dominican Republic.

The news today reads that, former Minister of Petroleum: Diezani Alison-Madueke, who has been involved in numerous corruption scandals in Nigeria, including a scandal worth over N1.3 trillion, was reported to have not only escaped and found citizenship in the Dominican Republic, but was also given a position in public office as a commissioner.

Nigerian Twitter went into a frenzy when the news broke and here’s what some people had to say.

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