The Thread: “Disgusting” “You insult a man asking for food” | TwitterNG drags @JajaPhD for mistreating a beggar

Remember that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad that had all of Black Twitter (all of America, really) up in arms because it made a mockery of the Black Lives Matter movement and the suffering of blacks at the hands of policemen in general?

[In case you forgotten]: “This is how Twitter dragged Kendall Jaja for offensive Pepsi ad”

It’s a controversy the Kardashian child has been unable to live down. In fact, she recently starred in another ad for Adidas and fans of the sports wear brand said they won’t be patronising Adidas anymore.

[In case you’ve missed it]: “Fans won’t purchase Adidas because Kendal Jenner…”

The backlash has been so brutal, Kendall Jenner reportedly cried on the family’s TV show two days ago for offending everyone with the ad.

You’d think it would serve as a lesson for everyone one else who wants to do ads, but no.

Over on this side of the Atlantic, controversial Twitter figure, Jasper Jaja Chinedu has gotten into hot water again for what many have interpreted as a mistreatment of a beggar. Jaja says the story was a springboard for his ads, but Twitter’s not buying it.

See below:

Reactions fall between how could you do that, stupid ? to claims that the story is totally made up (Jaja has not confirmed this, though). Trust Twitter Nigeria not to forget that they once gave Jaja a helping hand.

It’s a total bloodbath:

Once upon a beggar

You are desperately wrong

Jaja claps back in style

TwitterNG opens fire


Take your angry, flaming Ls


And finally,

And that’s the sum of it.

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