Eketi Edima Ette: 7 priceless answers to critics of the Hallelujah Challenge

When Gospel music minister Nathaniel Bassey convened the Hallelujah Challenge on the 1st of June, people didn’t think much about it- until it went viral. From 3,000 viewers daily, it shot up to 33,ooo then 162, oooo last night.

It was at the point the challenge went viral that critics came out of the woood work yapping on about everything from it being a waste of time to what it will not do for Nigeria and the type of Christians we have in Nigeria etcetera, etcetera.

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Well, Christians are not sitting down for all that criticism. The replies -savage- if one may say, are coming in hard and fast, and we are here for all that joy.


#HallelujahChallenge is paining many people.


People gather to praise God every night and table their issues before God.

But some hungry-for-attention people, who haven’t joined in for one day, who aren’t worshipping Yahweh, decide to LIE, TWIST and reduce it to a gathering of people praying for Nigeria only.


It’s paining you.

Some are even doing Logic and Philosophy 101 on the matter, trying to differentiate between religion and Christianity, between faith and works and faith without works, between Jéhovah and Sango.


Not your data.
Not your network.
Not your phone.
Not your midnight.
Not your sleep.
Not your praise.
Not your prayer.

But still………massive painment!


They say it’s Placebo Effect that’s worrying us.

Uncle and Auntie, we agree.

But I’m still inviting you o…….come and join us by midnight and placebo with us.

After all, it won’t make any difference either way, abi? At least you’ll be entertained by our dancing and speaking in tongues. You will get something out of this painment.
If we give testimonies of miracles, laugh well well.

When we finish the #hallelujahchallenge, we will do #SaveNigeriaChallenge, so that it’ll look as if we’re actually doing something tangible, you hear?

Break over. Make I return to my real, life-changing, Nigeria-transforming, impact-making, breakthrough-achieving, non-religious job.

See you at midnight and God bless you.



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