We didn’t think Donald Trump could get any more controversial but he did – a timeline

US President Donald Trump is generally known as a controversial leader. This past month, however, has been one of the most tumultuous in recent times.

From making up Mexican President’s call, thanking Putin for expelling Americans, encouraging cops to roughen suspects to threatening North Korea with nukes, here are Trump’s most controversial moves this past month:

July 20, 2017: In a 50 minute interview with the New York Times, President Trump made interesting revelations including saying that he would never have appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he knew Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation.

July 21, 2017: President Trump has picked Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, to be his White House communications director.

Since former communications director, Michael Dubke resigned in May, the seat had been vacant with Spicer serving a dual role as press secretary and communications director.

July 25, 2017: President Trump resumed attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions, tweeting that the Attorney General  “has taken a very weak position on Hillary Clinton”.

Republican senators failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Trump also gave a highly political speech at the National Scout jamboree.

July 26, 2017: In a Rose Garden Conference with the Lebanese Prime Minister, President Trump said that “time will tell “if Jeff Sessions will remain as Attorney General of the United States.

President Trump abruptly announced a ban on transgender people serving in the military, blindsiding his defense secretary and Republican congressional leaders with a snap decision that reversed a year-old policy reviled by social conservatives.

July 28, 2017: Donald Trump fired his Chief of staff, Reince Priebus, 24 hours after his new communications head went on a rant about him.

Anthony Scaramucci had stated in an interview that Priebus had “c***-blocked” and orchestrated leaks against him.

Trump in a series of tweets announced he had appointed John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff.

He thanked Priebus for “his service and dedication to his country”.

July 29, 2017: President Trump endorsed Police brutality after advocating rougher treatment of people in custody while delivering a speech on gang violence and illegal immigration.

Trump told police officers from the Suffolk County Police department in New York to “not be too nice” when dealing with suspects.

July 31, 2017: President Trump removed Anthony Scaramucci as White House Communications Director.

The decision came at the request newly appointed chief of staff, John Kelly.

August 2, 2017: Trump made up a phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

.“As you know, the border was a tremendous problem and they’re close to 80 percent stoppage,” Trump said.

“And even the president of Mexico called me—they said their southern border, very few people are coming because they know they’re not going to get through our border, which is the ultimate compliment.”

Mexico’s government, however, says the call never happened.

The President also invented a fake call with the leader of the Boy Scouts after his highly political speech at the National Boy Scouts jamboree.

However, the Boy Scouts cast doubt that the call occurred. “We are unaware of any such call,” the organization said.

August 8, 2017: President Trump declared that if North Korea’s nuclear threat continues it will be met with “fire, fury and friendly power” like the world has never known before.

August 9, 2017: President Trump Wednesday ditched Senator Mitch McConnell due to the latter’s earlier criticism of Trump’s lack of understanding of how the legislature works.

The Republican Senator had labelled Trump’s expectation of government as excessive and also called the President as being ignorant of the way legislative arm operates.

August 10, 2017: Trump continued his attack on McConnell, stating that he “has screamed Repeal & Replace for 7 years” but “couldn’t get it done.”

August 11, 2017:  US President Donald Trump thanked President Vladimir Putin for expelling more than 750 American diplomatic staff from Russia.

August 12, 2017: President Trump told Guam’s governor in a phone call that North Korea’s threat to send a nuclear bomb will boost tourism.

Trump also threatened military intervention in Venezuela, in response to Venezuela’s political crisis.

August 14, 2017: President Donald Trump said he may grant a pardon to former Sheriff Joe Arpaio following his recent conviction in federal court.

August 15, 2017: President Trump defended the white nationalists who protested in Charlottesville, saying they included “some very fine people.”

Trump also shamed CEOs who stepped down from his administration’s manufacturing council over his comments on the Charlottesville violence.

The President described them as “Grandstanders”, who can be easily replaced.

Donald Trump shared a tweet on by Jack Posobiec, a notorious right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Posobiec had posted a link to a news story tallying those killed and injured in shootings in Chicago, adding: “Meanwhile: 39 shootings in Chicago this weekend, 9 deaths. No national media outrage. Why is that?”

August 16, 2017: President Donald Trump, in an impromptu news conference in New York blamed the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on both sides of the conflict.

The President abolished his advisory groups rather than put pressure on executives to stay, after some of the executives resigned.

August 17, 2017: Trump invoked a debunked myth about a general who fought Islamist militants by using pig’s blood to commit mass executions.

The president’s tweet came hours after a driver crashed a van into a crowd of people in Barcelona, leaving many dead or injured.

August 23, 2017: Trump descended heavily on GOP lawmakers in an expression of displeasure with the Filibuster Rule.

August 24, 2017: Trump lashed out at former National Intelligence boss, James Clapper for an alleged defamatory words credited to the former intelligence chief.

President Donald Trump expressed his unhidden disappointment at House speaker, Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell’s failure to ensure the passage of bills conveying some of his core agendas.

August 26, 2017: US President, Donald Trump has spared his political ally, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America”, after he was convicted of criminal contempt in a case involving his department’s racial profiling policy.

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