Ever considered online dating? See the 10 words you should never use on your online profile

Online dating? Yes, Yes, Yes, it is a thing.

This is 2017 with its gazillion social media apps and the huge endless hole called the internet has made meeting people online one of the easiest things to do. We spend at least 50% of our time on the internet either for work or for personal reasons and sometimes you come across a certain face or body that makes you go “Gaddamn!, I’d like to know this person”.

This feeling usually means you proceed to check them out on social, and then most times follow them and you’re automatically a part of their world. This is the way technology has shrunk the world, and yassssssss we love it!.

After that long introduction, you know that appearances do matter and that first glance at your profile can either attract or bounce someone off your profile, especially on online dating sites. So, here are a couple of words you might want to edit when describing yourself;


Men them! Beware of the “nice guy” syndrome when filling your profile. There’s no need to proclaim yourself as a “nice guy” because when it comes to online dating, self-proclaimed nice guys have a reputation for passive aggression and entitlement.  On the other hand, some nice guys have a tendency to become rude or bitter when banished to the friend zone.


We get it, you like to know stuff, we all do.. but there are better ways to say so in your profile. That word can easily be taken out of context when you meeting someone for the first time or even trying to meet someone.  Words such as “adventurous” would fit in better.


Alpha means a “dominant leader of the pack”, this may seem irresistible to ladies who like strong male figures, I mean what woman doesn’t? The problem here lies in the fact that if you’re strong and mature, you won’t put in your profile- you would show it. So in order to avoid sounding like an arrogant person, remove it! Post a picture of yourself working out in the gym, yeah that would get their attention…


We understand you might mean easygoing but putting the word “easy” in your profile could easily be misinterpreted as something completely different, such as someone who is sexually loose or immoral.


This means playful and saucy and this may be what you want to portray, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, maybe consider using “fun to be with” and let your personality do the talking.


Yes, you’re different from every other guy and girl online but saying you’re different in your profile actually doesn’t portray uniqueness because a thousand other persons have used that very same word.


This is a great trait, and a plus definitely. However, some people shy away from the word when it comes to online dating because it depicts that you’re overly mushy or seeking serious commitment. You could use the word passionate or ambitious to describe your romantic side.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a quiet person, but it’s not always the most flattering word to use in your online dating profile. A solid alternative would be to say you’re sweet or perceptive.


If you’re more into staying home and watching a documentary than hanging out at the club, that’s great! But instead of using the word shy, you could describe yourself as independent or introverted


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