Femi Fani-Kayode: A final word on child marriage

by Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode

Paedophilia, child sex, child slavery, child rape and child marriage cannot be justified under any circumstances in any civilised country.

According to the respected Islamic scholar Professor Ishaq Akintola there is ‘no age restriction in Islamic marriage’. He may well be right and I honestly believe that Islam, like Christianity, is a humane and compassionate faith which seeks to protect the weak and guide its adherents on the path of righteousness and light.

I must however point out that Nigeria is not a Muslim or indeed a Christian state. She is a secular state and she is governed by secular laws. Religious laws have no place in our land or constitution. Our constitution is a secular document which specifically says that the state shall not adopt any religion. This must remain so if we do not want a divided country and if we do not want continued controversy, strife and possibly even a fully blown religious conflagration and conflict. We should all keep our religious sensitivities out of certain matters if we want continued peace.

Paedophilia, child sex, child slavery, child rape and child marriage cannot be justified under any circumstances in any civilised country. It is not a matter of religion. It is a matter of human rights, civil liberties and basic morality. There is nothing more repugnant to the natural mind and wholesome soul than the prospect of a fully grown man mounting, defiling and having carnal knowledge of a child that is between the ages of 6 and 18.

Every child, whether she be a christian, a Muslim, a pagan, an atheist or an agnostic has the right to be fully protected by the state and by the laws of our land from sexual predators, sexual deviants, statutory rapists, unrepentant perverts and child molestors. That much we ought to be able to achieve and we ought to insist on. We are meant to protect our children and not bed them.

Like I said earlier on elsewhere in this debate, even animals don’t sleep with their own infants. Some may hate me for these words today but I speak nothing but the truth and tomorrow people will thank me for them. This is my final contribution to this heated debate. Outside of this I have nothing more to say on this vexed and contentious issue. Shalom.



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  1. You are bless fani. Atymz I jux wonder what part of the body dz our leaders use in reasoning. There r more vital issues ought to be raised and discussed in dha house to finding a lasting solution. Instead of that, they create more issues, more problems under d pretense they r solving sm. Its a civilised country and everyone has ryt to himself or not. Truly, we aint on a real sense not bring religion into ds at all. Else, might lead to religious crisis. There r examples in d bible which d xtians never would bring to law. So why mention muslim laws and try to impose that on all types of religion. Isn’t that creating confusion? All I know is, no one on planet earth is greater than HIM our creator. So, whoever wants to disturb d peace of this great nation, its left to such groups and our creators. Evil group is what I call em. Thanx much once again fani. JAHbless

  2. Pls does child marriage is the only problem we hav in country like Nigeria? Is your decision, if you wish to marry your daughter at age of fifty nobody would tell u wht to do or hw to do it. If the whole world christian will go agains someone religions im not agains they protest, but anytn ur doin think twice bcos u look at Nigeria is not belong to anyside north or south christian or muslim. the gap we are all seeing instead we should find a solution to it and fill the gap. Now we are digging another. HAUSA PPLE SAID, AYITA SARA ANA DUBA BAKIN GATARI.

  3. Nigeria is a multi-religious state not secular which gives you the freedom to practise your religion. Marriage is not based on age and it is not meant to degrade/molest womanhood. It is meant to upgrade the woman status in the society giving the proper right to life and societal values.

  4. Nigeria is a multi-religious state, not a secular state!!!

  5. Too much sense mr fani-kayode, I hope it draws the attention of pervert lawmakers.

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