The Film Blog: People of God, Ali Nuhu is bad

We had a second look at the trailer for Banana Island Ghost, which we absolutely loved, even though it doesn’t really tell us much, and then we noticed something we appeared to have missed (for good reason) the first time around: Ali Nuhu.

Not just Ali Nuhu, but Ali Nuhu doing what Ali Nuhu does best – turning in a bad performance in a good movie, and making us wonder for the 83rd time this year: Why do they still give this guy roles in movies? Is he bribing them? Is he blackmailing them? Is he sponsoring their films?

We’ve asked around but the answer we get just isn’t good enough: he has the Hausa audience. Especially since it’s not like many of the films that have him on are big on Northern revenues. And also, it just sounds patronizing.

The thing is Nuhu isn’t a good actor, and that just has to be said. He has the same blank stare in every film. Always lost, always discombobulated, always standing out like that sore thumb you keep reading about.

And yet they keep casting him, and not just in any films, but in serious-minded films. Like Confusion Na Wa, where he essentially wasted our time. Or Ojukokoro which some of us absolutely hated and others absolutely loved but which both camps totally respected and now even Banana Island Ghost.

This is a guy who is so bad, you can’t even hide the fact that he’s bad in a trailer. And yet he keeps getting the roles.

We find ourselves deeply confused.

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