“God told me Nigeria will split into three in two years” – Rev. Anthony Chidi

by Akan Ido

Rev. Anthony Innocent Chidi, the founder and General Overseer of Kings in Christ International Ministries, Lagos, says he foresees a separation of Nigeria into three parts by 2015.

Chidi said this in an interview over the weekend where he spoke about religion, insecurity, governance, politics, and his vision for the country.

According to him: “President Goodluck Jonathan needs prophets who can tell him how to handle certain situations. But you and I know very well that the people around him are not helping matters, they are even the people creating the problems.

“He needs men of God, prophets that can tell him the mind of God. A situation like this only needs God’s intervention.”

Rev. Chidi said the president needs to court prophets who can help the country intervene on behalf of the country.

When asked to recommend prophets for the intervention, the self-professed major prophet says he will disclose names when he is invited to render the service.

He said, “When I am invited, that would be the right time to disclose the names of these prophets that will seek the face of God.”

The clergyman expressed his support for the creation of additional states in the South east of the country saying, “The National Assembly should, as a matter of urgency, create at least one more state in the South-East to balance the equation and remove the cheating and injustice going on. No nation makes progress on the basis of cheating.”

On the unity of the country, the General Overseer of the Kings in Christ International Ministries painted a gloomy picture saying, “I see Nigeria splitting into three countries, the way things are going, unless this trend is arrested or God intervenes, within the space of two, three years Nigeria will split.

“God has showed me, and if we don’t come together to seek His face, this country will split,” he concluded.

The said dialogue between the Federal Government and Boko Haram apparent does not sit well with the self-proclaimed man of God, he said, “How can we have dialogue with the devil? Have you seen someone eating with the devil?  It’s like trying to make peace with the devil; therefore, I don’t see such dialogue bearing any fruit.

“If they are dialoguing already, that is a wrong advice and a wrong move; it automatically means that the so-called Boko Haram is greater than the Federal Government and sooner or later they would begin to give directives to the Federal Government like they did when they asked Jonathan to convert to Islam. It’s like dancing to the tune of blackmailers.”

Well, you heard the clergyman, a word is enough for the wise.

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  1. Here comes another Prophet seeking relevance. Those other Prophets are not good enough! Only he! I can guess who he would recommend when and if he is granted audience.

    People should learn not to mention the name of God in vain!

    Where is that other one who said God told him Babangida would win last presidential election? The man did not even quqlify for the party primaries!

    These are men seeking personal relevance and recognition.

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