Wait, what is wrong with these religious leaders?

It appears as though our religious leaders think we haven’t got our ears full of nonsense talk from the political leaders. For little over a week now, there has only been the most annoying talk coming from their quarters.

You would think that the true test of patience is having to watch your computer recover from a hanging session with the devil but no, these Nigerian ‘religious leaders’ take the test of anybody’s patience to a whole new level.

First, it was the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) whining about John Kerry visiting only the North. Then, it was Professor Ishaq Akintola over at Muslim Rights Council asking for Friday off-work for Muslims. Finally, the straw that broke a patient camel’s back, this women-group claiming that the #BBOG campaign is all a scam. Why? What did we ever do to deserve all this?

We know we asked them to start weighing in on matters of public concern; but certainly not like this. We’d rather they all just went back to the era of just praying for the country.

US’ Secretary of State’s visit to Nigeria.

On Monday, the 22nd of August,John Kerry arrived Nigeria for a two-day trip. His first and only stop? Sokoto, Northern Nigeria.

The level of insecurity in Nigeria is apparently something the USA worries so much about. This is not the time for that discussion. The important thing to note here is that the United States considers Boko Haram the deadliest in the world (forget IS, BH leads the terror gang according to Obama. Again, not the time to address this). The US government even issued an advisory warning Americans in Nigeria to be more security conscious when travelling to some states that are considered conflict spots. As you can already guess, States in the North-east region topped the list.

With all these very public background information, CAN still took offence when John Kerry’s official two-day visit started and ended in the North. With a Northern leader. I suppose it was a tough pill to swallow since the Sultan of Sokoto, with whom John Kerry met, also doubles as the recognised leader of muslims in Nigeria. But that doesn’t really excuse all the whining that followed from CAN President, Rev. Supo Ayokunle, who obviously didn’t see anything except the ‘DISCRIMINATORY VISIT’ plastered all over Mr Kerry’s boarding pass.

The banter that flies back and forth the Nigerian media space is no longer News so it was no News when Professor Ishaq Akintola of the Muslim Rights Concerns (MURIC) granted THE PUNCH an interview in response to CAN’s whining. Good coming to the United State of America’s aid Prof!

If only he had just stuck to the topic at hand, we won’t have had so much to endure. But of course, he went right on to give us a long historical background of Nigeria’s religious existence. All the bits we weren’t taught in school. Finally settling on a call to” restructure the pro-Christian judicial system; reform the education sector to put a stop to the discrimination against Islamic education; declare Friday work-free like Sunday. Not that anyone minds the weekend starting earlier any way. But the he continued, suggesting an alternative which is “find another solution acceptable to all”.

Did the man really suggest a Saturday only weekend? Or maybe no weekend at all seeing as Saturdays alone will then be prejudicial to all the others in favour of Seventh Day Adventists. So no weekends at all it is.

here’s what we almost missed: 

Pastor Kumuyi, General Overseer of the Deeper Life Christian Church expressed hopes for a quick recovery from the recession

He noted that this is the worst one to have hit  Nigeria in 29 years while expressing hope that we come out of the recession which he also noted had affected churches … 

Back to CAN Vs MURIC …

Trying to get a balanced view (we assume) THE PUNCH interviewed the General Secretary of CAN, Reverend Musa Asake.

The good Reverend did not only insinuate that if John Kerry had visited ‘only the Christians’, Muslims would have set the country of fire. He blessed us with an anecdote that insinuates that marriage certificates issued by accredited churches are not recognized by the government.

Moving on… here a quote from Reverend Asake that would continuously elicit a reaction somewhere between confusion and laughter:

“And, what do we have to be jealous of: the killing of people? Please, give me a break. We are not a jealous wife; they are: the professor and his ilk are. The era when Muslims would shout and every Christian would keep quiet is gone; this is an era of change.”

The President of Nigeria is always to blame

Even for dissatisfaction with CAN elections.

By the way, there is a breakaway faction from the Christian Association of Nigeria and Mr. Luka Shehu, the Spokesman for this faction has a lot more to say about CAN elections, money changing hands and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

Finally, a woman named Reverend Omatsola Williams claims that the missing Chibok girls are mere scam. She’s the President of the Women’s wing of CAN.

Reverend Omatsola Williams/Vanguard

“[for her, she doesn’t think] that there is (any kidnapping of) Chibok girls. We should not use the lives of people to play ‘Jambo’ (game) at all. Some people are using this to make money.

“How thick is the Sambisa forest that (military) people cannot penetrate? Food for thought; when you come to Niger Delta area, there is no secret. Nigerians should not toil with Nigerians because before they know it, women will arise and they will see the other side of women.”

Wawu. Who from @BBOG_Nigeria can help us here?

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