Here are 15 (mind-blowing) facts about sex you should know

by Gossip Queen


Want to get fit and that too quickly? Make love as often as you can. Women burn more calories while doing the deed than hitting the gym for hours.

1. Studies reveal that the male organ can be slightly bent when erect. So don’t freak out the next time your man is sporting something hard and something slightly bent.

2. Want to get fit and that too quickly? Make love as often as you can. Women burn more calories while doing the deed than hitting the gym for hours. So the next time instead of splurging on gym swear, get some sexy lingerie.

3. An orgasm is the best natural sedative. So next time you are tired and want to sleep long, just have sex until you climax.

4. Orgasms can make you more creative. And a little more creativity never hurts, right? So try and seduce your man for more orgasms.

5. Blue balls are for real. It is not just a term, but actually can happen. When more blood flows into the male organ than out, the uneven flow causes an increase in the volume of blood in the genital region. It results in testicles becoming engorged with blood.

6. Strippers make more money when ovulating. Scientists believe that it is because of their hormones. Strip for your man when you are ovulating and create some serious heat in the bedroom.

7. Did you know that a woman’s breasts can swell up to 25 per cent when she is aroused? It makes them super sensitive just so you know.

8. The average female orgasm lasts for about 25 seconds. So make the most out of it, eh!

9. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the most intoxicating smell for men is a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie. So kick those expensive perfumes out of the window, already!

10. Other than the usual stuff, sex has other benefits too. Like for instance, the hormone oestrogen which is produced during sex, can make your hair shiny and skin glow. Beauty parlours can take a backseat now, what do you think?

11. According to studies, the most popular sexual fantasy among men and women, is having a threesome! Are you ready to make love to your man and a woman at the same time?

12. Making your man last longer in bed is no rocket science. Just so you know, you can buy some time by squeezing the head of his penis, and voila!

13. Did you know that by touching the sides of his torso, can trigger a nerve that makes his erection harder? Next time, gently stroke his torso when making love for an action-packed session.

14. It’s hard to believe, but studies reveal that women fantasize more during sex than men. The more time a woman spends fantasizing about doing the deed, the more sexual pleasure she is capable of receiving and giving.

15. Worried if YOU will last longer in bed? Your climax can be more pleasurable if you raise your hips slightly and squeeze your pubic muscles before orgasming.



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