Here’s what we know about the ‘Anonymous Account’ and what they stand for

Anonymous Account

The one thing about Twitter that many of its users would agree is that, sometimes, there is a mystery that comes with it – it doesn’t of itself does that, however, it is the said users who sometimes build this mystery. On Twitter, the #Anonymous and #Anomymous has been trending for a while now, and here is a Deep Dive as to why it is trending at a time like this.

In 2003, the Anonymous account was created as a decentralized international activist/hacktivist group that challenged world leaders, ideas, and social injustices. The group has also been nominated for the Shorty Awards, Best in Activism.

Following the death of George Floyd, Twitter blew up with several accounts claiming to be Anonymous account with a single purpose – react to the injustices that surrounded Floyd’s death and the aftermath of the death. While there is no official account for the group, the many accounts created under the anonymous name begs a lot of questions to who they are and the authenticity of what they have said about the happenings globally.

The Anonymous account has, however, spilled a lot of things that made many Twitter users think and react on many emotions, spilling ‘classified information’ that makes users wonder where they got the information from. The account shared some intel into Floyd’s killing, racism, Trump, and the death Jeffrey Epstein as they named U.S. President, Donald Trump and Naomi Campbell as part of Epstein’s ring, according to The BBC.

Here are some tweets associated with the anonymous account so far…

The situation of things in the US now has become a global issue as more and more countries identify with the black community to stand against racism and the family of George Floyd.

In Nigeria, the news of George’s death led some Nigerian youth to take to the streets of Lagos to protest with Placards and several tools that read #BlackLivesMatter. Coupled with the recent police brutality cases in the country, Floyd’s death has appeared to have stirred people to high emotions as they are asking world leaders to do better.

While it appears that little is known of the Anonymous account, they have opened up the conversation that brings the idea to citizens to question their leaders in places where they suspect foul play, the account has also identified with the minorities, the black community and have stressed that it will forever stand for justice and everything it entails.

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