Holy Ghost congress is now a political congress – former ‘Redeemed’ pastor attacks Adeboye

by Akan Ido

Bankole Solomon, a former pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has expressed displeasure over the manner in which politicians use the annual Holy Ghost Congress as a platform for putting forward unrealistic promises.

According to reports, Bankole who claimed to have resigned as an RCCG pastor in 2010, stated that it was wrong to allow president Goodluck Jonathan stand on the altar and speak to the congregation when, according to the retired pastor, he was not being truthful with what he was promising Nigerians.

Please read the post below:

“I know this post will attract a sharp condemnation because I worship in RCCG and I was once a pastor before I resigned voluntarily because of rights violations in the name of religion. I resigned in December 2010 but I am still worshipping there as an ordinary member. So, whatever. I have here is without prejudice.

“Holy Ghost congress of our great church is now a political congress where all shades of corrupt leaders will mount our altar to fool Nigerians on what they will do.

“Holy Ghost congress is now a supermarket where all kinds of people like charlatans and political opportunist come shopping turning God to father Christmas to give dem end of d year bonus.

“Jonathan was even there turning our once sacred altar to political podium talking deceitfully and indirectly campaigning for 2015. My question is this? On what ground was president Jonathan allowed to speak to people. Is he a pastor? Because the gathering is purely a spiritual gathering and event.

“I’ve been a pastor in Redeemed for the past 10 years and I’ve not got any opportunity to sit on dat altar not to talk of holding mic. If because Jonathan is a President and he is recognised, it means some are more equal than others.

“Immediately I left camp on Saturday morning, I looked at the camp very well because I know that would be the last time I willl set my foot to that Eagle Square called Redeemed camp.”

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  1. So call solomon, think of something better because. You don't know what you are saying at all. Should the pastor stop the president of the federal republic of Nigeria? Or didn't your bible ask you to respect your leaders and pray for them? And is it not said that you give to ceasar what is his? Above all, you know the reason your pastoral responsibility was taken from you.

  2. In the Bible there are kings and there are priests both who minister to God…whatever it is God called You to do…you are only a steward to Him and its between Him and you…who are we to judge another man's servant

  3. A pastor for 10years?? I can imagine d kind of pastor dt yu were. Ofcos, anybody can claim to b a pastor but by their fruits/speech/write ups we shall know dem. Like d good old hymn sayd "surrender all". Yu need help. May God help yu n enlighten yo understanding. Shalom

    1. Redemption camp is a ground where all life issues are laid before our maker and instant solution is being proferred with faith,if jonathan climbed the alter and say all manner of things to deceive nigerians,it is between him and his God that sanctifies the alter,I will like you guys to know that there are ways prayers will work against someone if there is a wrong motive.therefore if our president mount the alter of God and deceive us again that is between him and his God not Daddy G.O or former pastor bankole or u and I.thanks

  4. Did yu say yu were a pastor for 10 years?? I can imagine d type of pastor dt yu were then. Sure yu were not called or yu dont unnderstand yo calln. Yu need to surrendar all like d good old hymn said. Shalom

  5. I don't believe this news,I think some nor Christians are beyand this news,the so called Bankole Solomon may not even exist at all.I think some people just think they can rubbish the RCCG Camp and the man of God .I have read the comment of those who support the so called Bankole,and find out by their statement that truly they are not Christians.anybody can say anything,But the fact remain,the president is fine,doing all he can,people like Bankole and his group (that's if they truly are ) dat don't wish this country well remember daddy G.O said it will be well with those who wish him well and if u don't wish the president well ,then you know what will happen to you,repent before its too late.Christ is coming and He has said it that at the last days ,people like this will believe they have too much knowledge to say anything they like and will deceive even the chosen.

  6. Christianity has turned our thinking upside down.This same sentiment put us into this mess.Now they are coming again to fool us when they have not even fulfilled 1% of their electioneering promises.Is he even morally qualified to talk to us.Christians are killing this country.Time will tell.My dear pastor,God bless you for the observation

  7. For me, Jonathan is not responsible for the ills of Nigeria. Nigeria was founded and anointed with colonial corruption.

    Those expecting magic from Jonathan are feeling disappointed, and so can never see anything good from him.

    Nigeria is among the most difficult country to govern, even the best America ever had cannot rule here.

    All the nations world round are all facing challenges now.

    Jonathan was at camp just to thank RCCG for past prayers and used the platform to explain certain issues, he was never there as a pastor. He was prayed for, so he can continue to strive.

    All were invited to attend the congress with NO exception. The camp has NO political agenda, you need to be there. Our prayer is for Jonathan to be BORN AGAIN and rule us with the true FEAR OF GOD.

    As for the pastor that resigned, if the spirit of God is leading U, go in peace. Let RCCG alone.

  8. I do not really understand the position of Bankole Solomon on this matter of Goodluck Jonathan addressing the crowd during the Holy Ghost Congress….

    You can't take away from the President of a nation the fact that he is a politician who will use every opportunity to canvass for support and votes…but I challenge Mr Bankole to tell me; If the Chairman of his local government or the governor of his state calls him and says "I'd like to be in your church for your Anointing Service", would Mr Bankole turn him down?…would he be denied an opportunity to speak to the congregation?…especially if he has requested it?…now I need not talk about if it was the President!…Has the Bible not told us to honour and respect constituted authority and leaders?…Isn't that what Jonathan is?

    The President of Nigeria spoke on that altar not as a Pastor or a Prophet but as what he is…the President of the Nigerian Nation…whose constitution the RCCG operates under. Did GEJ make an altar call?…No! and from the tone of Bankole Solomon's post, he is more embittered by the fact that he has never been privileged to go on that altar to speak or address; a perfect case of service with view of gratification…self glorification in my opinion…and for his information, there are many other greatly influential pastors in the RCCG that haven't been on that podium too…yet they are committed and are expanding the Kingdom of God through the work of their hands…I urge Mr Bankole to go and search himself through and through and be sure of God's call upon his life…I hope he makes good his threat/promise(to himself actually) that he would never step foot on The Redemption Camp ground again…miracles and testimonies won;t stop because he decided to leave…God bless Nigeria!

    1. Wa Gbayi

  9. It amazes me how "Christians" who comment on these forums hardly assimilate the point behind a message before they go all out to criticise, abuse, condemn and curse. Indeed we are a silly religious bunch who deserve to suffer from corrupt politicians. They say ' the people deserve the leaders they get.' How would Nigeria get better with all these your myopic religious views? What could be bad in what this man has said? Has he abused Pastor Adeboye? Has he condemned the RCCG? Poor Xtians with no mind of their own. Even the Bible they claim to know they turn upside down. You are Overholy to the point that you can't clearly analyse a matter. As long as it goes against their church, then it is wrong. Foolish people.

  10. Is not good to talk about the Lord's anointed that way, and is even coming from a formal pastor. I'm a redeemer and knows that there is favouritish as common in churches now are days

  11. You are not even ashame of your self,you resign as a pastor….it really show you are not competent to lead a church with that stupid statement…..have you not read in the bible…the prophet and the king work together for the benefit of the nations…. Olodo……who even want people like U̶̲̥̅̊ at the camp…..U̶̲̥̅̊ want to climb the pupit???it shows in your statement that U̶̲̥̅̊ resign bcs of position…..you better bcfull S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ that you may not incure thee rath of God….shameles human beign…..

  12. Am not sure this man who calm to be a pastor is truly a Pastor.I am not surprised,these are the Devil's agent using the media.the president is recognized by God Himself.so mr solomon u have no right to condemn him,even the Bible says we should pray for them when they are doing right or wrong.christainity is not to condemn anyone.Besides what did the president say?he said he recongnize the impact of the church praying for the country and that it's their prayers that has been keeping Nigeria together,by the way, mr Solomon,which perish did u pastor ,which state and on what ground did u resign AS A PASTOR AND BECOME A FLOOR MEMBER?Am not a member of RCCG but I respect that church.What about other president that has been going for that PROGRAMME and have spoken there?mr bankole pray for mercy on your life and that of your family and also to those who think shallow like you because Baba Adeboye is too Big to be referenced for this.

  13. Like seriously! Because we did not give the guy thumbs up we are being religious. Well when you start pastoring your church dishonour the president of your nation in the presence of other nationalities. Please let's stop this hypocrisy joor. Like if you had the opportunity you will not gladly shake hands with GEJ and put the pictures all over. Besides did God complain to you? Is the altar now your own and not Gods'?

  14. He is right..we re so carried away by religion dat we shy away from reality using religion as a cover up..too bad..we re d most religious country in d world yet we have d most problems..we re being fooled and exploited all in d name of religion..hw can d president tell lies on an holy alttar and u think dat is right..too bad

  15. It is unfortunate today that our leaders have tinkered with our psychic that today we cannot Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ the light. Black man will continue to suffer as long as they remain gullible. I wonder ΨђåƮ the evil men called politicians are doing with the light? Everyone knows that the RCCG AND OTHER BIG CHURCHES are making fool of themselves with the kind politics they are playing and their crave for money today. The truth is the only Constant that doesn't fail.. We are all watching our pastors. ΨђåƮ RCCG is doing is high level of hypocrisy

  16. Hehehehe. Make una come see comments o.

    Anyway, surely they will gather to condemn the voice of reason. But Mr Solomon hasn't condemned anybody. He just pointed out a simple albeit critical fact; only the annointed of God has the privilege and power to mount an annointed and consecrated altar to address a holy congregation.

    The sanctified altar is not meant for brigands, men whom we ourselves have seen and overwhelmingly agreed are the thieves and vagabonds in power that are steering our country in a state of kaput and utter disrepair. They have neither moral nor spiritual right to mount a hallowed podium and address a congregation of faithfuls.

    No one has condemned anyone. If I call a snake a snake where is the condemnation there? If we call a thief a thief we didn't condemn him. We only called him what he by his acts have long condemned himself to.

    Mr Solomon hasn't asked anyone not to attend the congress. He simply said not every one has a the unction to mount the holy altar.

    Thanks people

  17. "Every runaway servant has something bad to say about his/her master!"

    this man is not worth listening to.

  18. Seriously am not surprise at the comments I read. It very sad that we have become so fooled with religion to an extent that even the wrong thing is right as long as it happen in the church or through someone we respect. Just for your information, I don't have a problem with RCCG nor with Pastor Adeboye and I do attend the Holy Ghost gathering when time permit me. However, am not going becos it Pastor Adeboye or RCCG like many of you do and has made it look. I have questioned the presence of political leaders using the congress as a tool to campaign for their next election. If the president want to attend the congress, he should do but not giving speech that are totally disconnect from the event. That shouldn't even be allowed at all but it sad that politicain find church and other religion space the best place to achieve their political ambimtion. Abeg, God got lot of work to do!

  19. A man who claims to b a pastor like solomo should b grounded in the word of God, the Bibles says condem not so that u shall not be condenmed . The redemption camp is God's'own house and the gate of hell shall not pervail against it. Just becos u want to stop coming to camp doesnt mean others wont. Beside is jonathan d'only president who had gone to redemption camp haba. Stop acting like an hypocrite

  20. there u have it pastor, Nigerians will always be Nigeria. so don't mind wat we say because u n I know wat is rite n wrong. bt all d same church leaders n politician in dis country of ours. ALL I can say is may GOD hv mercy on ours all.

  21. Solomon Bankole u re in no capacity to make such utterances u. Sound like n hypocrite, d bible says he who is without sin should cast d ist stone, u re just a confused person

  22. Bankole Solomon or woteva u call ur self u re in no capacity to make such calumny utterances about a church u claim to b a pastor or our president,who re u to judge, an in corrupt pastor u call urself I presume,then go & start up ur own ministry &screen ur members before dey re let in as members,dat u had no privillege to stand in d podium does not give room for beafing President Jonathan people like u will give anything to gain recognition by d president,Bible say he who is without sin should cast d first stone

  23. We must be careful as christains hw we re laying upon d foundation dat has already been laid.God wil help us so dat we can make heaven

  24. Well said Mr Bankole. Sadly the brain-washed nigerians will come here to condemn you.

    We have been praying for decades on Ibadan express way for nigeria to be proper, yet the condition of that road is shameful.

    Churches and Politicians are the only ones benefiting from our nightmare.

  25. You don't have a point joor. If you read your Bible very well you will realise that God expects us to honour our political leaders and people in authority regardless of how stupid they might look/behave. My issue is I don't know why you were ordained a RCCG pastor in the first place. You obviously have issues.

    1. If indeed Bankole is a member of the Church (not to talk of ordained pastor), and resigned as he claimed, then he has serious issues against the church. He has serious beef against the Church and this manifested in his statements. Not lookin at d merit of his comment, there are proper channels to communicate feelings in the Church and he should have explored them. I pray he regains his internal peace so as to make it to heaven at d end of this age. I fear for his soul!

    2. Jeez! Kemi, not that I have the authority to comment on this issue, but it is the likes of you who thinks so shallow, this is the reason it will be so hard for Nigeria to move forward. Too religious to the point we no longer see in this country again! What a massive pity!

  26. if you are reaally a man of God,u will not discriminate,watch what u say and only pray to God to help Nigerians…….dont judge so u wont be judged……..

  27. Bankole Solomon, or what do you call your name? If you don't have any sensible thing to say, why not go on your knees and pray for your families. May God forgive you

  28. I asked the same question bless God someone else is pointing it out .that speech was totally out of place for a religious gathering #political speech .

  29. Are you really a Nigerian? Oh you're like me: a freak of nature. I'm very very impressed, if for nothing else, for you being principled.

    Kudos, but note that they make life hard for people like us for that.


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