Budget Padding Tracker: 5 reasons to believe Jibrin isn’t joking around


By Tolu Omoyeni

Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin needs no introduction. The rather patient man has been on the news for over a month and if his current Twitter campaign is anything to go by, he is not going anywhere soon.

If you’re still confused about why his name is everywhere, Hon. Jibrin is the former Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations and he has been on a rampage accusing Speaker, Hon. Dogara and some other members of the House of Reps of padding the national budget.

The accused men have been looking at Jibrin like, “why is he making all this noise? Budget padding is absolutely normal and constitutional too”. The budget padding aficionado, former Hon. Jibrin will not relent and with each passing hour, he proves that this is not a joke.

Here’s how we know:

  1. On Monday morning, Hon. Jibrin came on Twitter to inform anyone who cared to listen that he would post details of a letter he wrote to his party, APC Chairman in 207 tweets. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN!!! What a way to begin the week. For some of us who waved him off as a joke, we were in for the shock of our lives when at past 2pm, Hon. Jibrin was still tweeting. He really could have just made a pdf or Word document to save himself the stress, but then how would we take him serious? Make no mistake, he had over a hundred retweets on each of his 207 tweets.
  2. Hon Jibrin announced that he will be providing a comprehensive brief to the diplomatic community. By diplomatic community, he means the American, French, German embassies and the British High Commission. Mr. Honourable, someone cannot play with you? Is that how you used to do? Hon. Jibrin is clearly many steps ahead of the other senators and while they are asleep, we will just hear Jibrin has personally reported them to President Barack Obama.
  3. If there is any politician who has no fear for naming names, then Hon. Jibrin is that man. Asides repeatedly naming Speaker of the House of Reps, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, deputy speaker Yusuf Lasun, Chief Whip Ado Doguwa and minority leader Leo Ogor, the alleged masterminds of the padding scandal, Jibrin has publicly named Senator Iyiola Omisore as Hon. Dogara’s godfather, he went further to accuse Dogara of taking standing committee chairmen to swear an oath of allegiance before Omisore. Now that’s one hell of an accusation, but like said earlier, Hon. Jibrin is fearless. We give you elbow oo!
  4. Do you agree that Hon. Jibrin does not hear word? The man and his actions come across as unfazed by endless threats of punishments, sanctions and probable suspension from the House. An average Nigerian politician cannot stand heat and would have backed down weeks ago. There’s no problem a closed door meeting will not solve, with the godfathers and their godsons present, the straying son (in the case, Hon. Jibrin) will kneel and plead for mercy for giving away too much information. It looks like Jibrin is not here for all that claptrap.
  5. We smell Hon. Jibrin might be aiming for a bigger political ambition. Right after the 207 tweets, he went on to post 70 tweets of what he called “An abstract from the preface and contents of life at 40: My Story”. This man is slowly and politely warming his way into the hearts of young people on social media who detest corruption and fancy deep personal stories. We will see where all of this leads by 2019. Bring it on, Hon. Jibrin!


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