Infographic: 10 biggest time wasters at the office

by Kristin Piombino

Do you waste a lot of time on a typical work day?

Your first inclination might be to say no, but upon closer inspection you may realize you don’t keep yourself on track as well as you should.

Time doesn’t stop for chats at the water cooler, you know.

An infographic from lists the 10 biggest time wasting activities we fall victim to during an average work day. Here’s a look at a few of them:

1. Non-business-related conversations: Nine out of 10 people spend up to two hours a day chatting.

2. Social networking: Seventy-five percent of people spend up to two hours a day on social media sites.

3. Procrastination: Nine out of 10 people procrastinate.

4. Email: Thirty-three percent of people spend between one and two hours per day reading email.

5. Internet surfing: Eight out of 10 people spend more than two hours per day surfing the Web.

You’ve fallen victim to a few of these, haven’t you?

That’s OK.

To avoid time sucks, the graphic recommends you find out what kind of time waster you are (thrill seeker, avoider or indecisive) so you can learn to use your time more effectively.

To see what kind of time waster you are and to check out the rest of the time sucks, take a look at the graphic:



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