[The Injustice Blog] Governor Wike cannot seem to stop himself from wasting his state’s money


The ineptitude and incompetence of our elected political office holders is a constant affront to struggling citizens. All the channels available to us to call these men to order do not work, they remain drunk on power and oblivious to our plight. Those that promised to help have turn around to be the proverbial helping hands filled with thorns.

The actions of these “opportunistic” individuals have continuously dampened the hope and trust placed in the Nigerian Project by its citizens and thus has given rise to a crop of hopeless and helpless citizens.

Its this hopelessness that has driven many from the country to embark on a journey of no return in the Mediterranean and the Sahara desert and Libya among others. Electoral promises was the first MMM before the coming of Mavrodi in the year 2016. Nigerians have been scammed and we are still being scammed.

At a time when many states in Nigeria are poster boy for failure and incompetence arising from the myriad of problems confronting them, the Rivers State government just spent roughly 400 Million Naira to massage the ego of sixteen individuals. These individuals are National Assembly members from Rivers State.

According to Wike, the man in charge of the largesse he said,  “The vehicles were acquired to aid the Federal Lawmakers in the discharge of their official functions. The vehicles are for all members of the National Assembly irrespective of their party affiliation.

Defend the interest of the state wherever you are. This is from the Government of Rivers State which you are part of. This is to aid you to carry out your official functions in Abuja”.

It is interesting that Govenor Wike chooses to frame this needless purchase as a necessity to facilitate ease of movement and ensure that Rivers State’s lawmakers can aptly discharge their duties. However any lawmaker who cannot afford his/her own car shouldn’t be in the Senate in the first place. Wike could have put that money into the state’s infrastructural budget, or even used it to facilitate maintenance on the state’s roads, but no, for him this takes priority.

Collectively the two chambers of the National Assembly have spent more than eight billion Naira on purchase of official vehicles for its members to aid their work especially their oversight functions, Wike has chosen to donate another sets of land cruisers to aid their work. If we may ask what’s so special about their work that they need more Land Cruisers to work with?

This is nothing other than an act of wickedness as its happening in a state where majority are experiencing harsh poverty.

Wike should have done better but he chose the path of wickedness. It’s Sad!

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