Japheth Omojuwa: Activism 3.0: The power of synergy and amplification (YNaija FrontPage)

…Governments around the world for one reason or the other fear bad news from abroad than they do bad news from within. They don’t want to be fought from outside because they have no control over what happens outside.

In life, people who engage the force of synergy are more likely to succeed and do more than those who prefer to go it alone. In the digital world, synergy comes defined in amplification. Amplification is everything. If the digital space was a physical one, it would be as big as the cosmos going by what gets done within it. Now imagine speaking in this space with all the crowd and activities without a form of amplification, you would not even hear yourself.

We must look to check governments and get them on the right track of service delivery to the people with the same strategy progressive governments around the world work together to check the activities of terrorists. We must as a matter of exigency work together, share intelligence, knowledge and strategy, amplifying each other’s voices and granting platforms to one another. We must create purposeful synergy that’d make governors, leaders and rulers  across the land see that the voice of the governed have become one all over the nation.

Activists around the country must see themselves as one people in the quest for a better nation. Whether we like it or not, we are one people by one destiny. Whatever affects Borno negatively will have a bearing on Lagos and in many cases that bearing is not what Lagos would like to be burdened with. It is the same for countries. God forbid but a war in Nigeria for instance is a war West Africa would suffer more from as much as Nigerians in Nigeria. The voice of a Kenyan activist is louder when s/he speaks to a German news platform than when s/he talks to a Kenyan platform. The reason is not farfetched, governments around the world for one reason or the other fear bad news from abroad than they do bad news from within. They don’t want to be fought from outside because they have no control over what happens outside.

This came to the fore during the Occupy Nigeria movement. We worked with journalists and activists from other continents and countries. Our voices were heard by our government not really from the streets and the local news platforms who practically blacked us out, our voices were heard from the echo of a struggle that resonated abroad. Greece, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, Belgium and the likes gave us coverage and amplified our voices. I have been careful not to mention the United States and Britain because those are more often than not platforms a Nigerian struggle would find voices for reasons of association and national history.

This works and will always work. Take a cue from the nuclear family. A man is more likely to be embarrassed to hear details of his irresponsibility from outside than he will from hearing from his wife inside. I am not an expert in matters of the family but I know I’d rather keep my domestic issues domestic than have them become subjects of discussion in the village. To avoid this, I have to give more than enough attention to the needs of the home because one day the silent wife will speak and her voice will be heard by the wall and soon everyone will know that you are not as real a man as your looks and pretense make you look to be. We have to help ourselves embarrass irresponsible governments. We have to work together to make our voices heard across our individual countries. We have to work together to share ideas like we are doing today and tomorrow and make sure that tomorrow’s shared ideas, synergy and support is not just a literal one but a permanent non-ending future of alliances and unity in the promotion of policies, values and ideals that make our individual countries better governed and our common world a better one. As long as tomorrow never stops coming, we must never stop working together to make every tomorrow better than the last one for our people.



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