Jonathan’s administration looted Nigeria like there was a stealing competition – Segun Oni

The Deputy National Chairman (South) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Segun Oni says the Nation’s wealth was plundered recklessly under the administration of previous president Goodluck Jonathan.

Oni who spoke in an interview with The Punch said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) should focus on the crisis within their party and leave the APC alone.

On the PDP

The PDP members, instead of using the opportunity now to get out of coma, they are thinking they can deride us. But once the economy starts getting better, and it will get better very soon, they will have very little or nothing else to say. Their party is not yet a party; my advice to them is to face their own business, mend the house that is almost collapsing on their heads and repair their umbrella that is leaking profusely.

On stealing and corruption under Jonathan

Nigerians experienced what nobody thought was imaginable. Only recently, an account that allegedly belonged to the former First Lady (Patience Jonathan) was said to have $15m. That is probably more than the personal worth of all first ladies ever in Nigeria put together, and that belongs to a woman that was there for less than six years. This is the spirit of looting that brought Nigeria down.

These people really went too far and took things to the extreme; they went beyond the limits; they went berserk, looting as if there was a stealing competition. This is the only economy in the world I know that could go through that and survive; not even the United States’ economy, which is the biggest in the world, would have survived the looting. That we are alive now, Nigerians should recognise that it is by the grace of God and also by the fortune that we had a change of government at the federal level.

On Buhari’s leadership style

Let me say this clearly, every administration will have its own style, just like every individual has their style. There are people who will be quick to take actions but will regret them later. When I was in school, in my class, there were pupils who would be quick to put up their hands to say something, but five times out of ten, what they said wouldn’t make sense. They were prone to making a lot of mistakes. There were people who managed to put up their hands once and it would be a hit. So it is the style of this administration not to be repeating itself, especially when we are trying to get over the rot that almost sank the ship of state. I am not saying that we should always be very slow, no. There are cases and situations that require that we do things almost instantly, but you should know that it is also our style. What is important is that whatever style we adopt, it should produce the result that will give us a better Nigeria; that is what should be our focus.

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