Kodak Black might just be another victim in the ‘pressure to get views’ interview style

It seems of late that interviewers get a bit too carried away when conducting an interview with a famous person, especially when they believe they can milk a controversy as a cheap stunt to pull in more viewers and ultimately higher ratings for their show. Or perhaps they are simply doing their job, asking the questions everyone wants answered. Regardless we have to ask: where do we draw the line? When does personal get too personal, and when is it not okay to bring up a topic that put the guest in an uncomfortable predicament.

Florida rapper Kodak Black is the latest victim of this. Kodak was a guest at Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show where he was responding to a bunch of music-related questions. Until Ebro, the host of the show, flipped the questions, coercing the rapper to speak about the rape allegation case he is set to face.

“With respect to everybody involved in that case,”  Ebro said. “You know we can’t get into details today. But, you know, we take sexual assault here serious. We can’t get into details, but we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that because it’s a serious topic.”

Kodak became clearly uncomfortable and initially gave no response, but that did not deter the host, he pushed on stating “You seem upset that I brought it up.” To which Kodak finally responded.

“I feel like sometimes when n***as be going through s**t, like, y’all be entertained by bulls**t,” Kodak said. “Change the subject, or else I’m finna walk out.” The host refused to let up, and Kodak kept to his word, storming out of the interview.

Ebro later put out a tweet, in response to the altercation.

The question still remains, is it right for interviewers to pry that deep, or should they respect the guest by keeping to things relating to their craft and not their personal issues.

Kodak is set to face a rape case by April next year. He was accused of raping a teenage girl in 2016, and if found guilty, he could be facing somewhere around 30 years in prison.

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