Life… so quick

by Oluwadamilare Awe

All she heard was a loud noise.

What just happened? She thought

She was on the ground

Flash lights are all around.

She looked up from the ground and stretched out her hand to be pulled up

This is strange, why are they not helping me?

It was hard for her to understand

Why are people crying, holding hands?

Why are some in shock and just gazing ahead?

Why is there an ambulance?

She got to her feet and went to see

“Hello” she called “what is happening?”

No one answered. All were crying at the sight in front of them

They are all looking at me so why can’t they hear me? She thought

And suddenly it hit her

A car accident just happened

That left someone with an unrecognisable face

Left someone somewhere mourning

“What happened?” She asked again as she tried to see

But no one would answer her

She pushed through the crowd freely even when there wasn’t much space

She got closer and peeped to see what happened

If only I could see the lifeless human on the floor she thought

And then the sight she saw threw her back

A terrible shock of realisation

She was dead. It was her who had been hit by that truck

No…….she cried. This couldn’t be

I am here. I can see it all

I can hear it all

Is that why they can’t hear me?

Is this really happening?

She heard another cry, a louder one

“Mum!!! Listen to me, they are crying for me

Their screams are all I hear

Please stop them, make it stop tell them I’m here, mum! Mum!”

She slumps to the floor, her heart sank

“She can’t hear me either” she concluded

She was gone. Gone to that sacred place

And there goes the end for her

It was just a little trip to the store down the road

Now it is a journey to the land of no return

Life this minute is a totally different life the next minute.

She didn’t plan it

She didn’t imagine it

Yet it happened…

“Sarah!!!” She heard.

It was a loud call; she struggled to find who called

And then she opened her eyes

And it was all a dream

Her dream of how life can be so unpredictable, very unpredictable

How life can be so quick

No one knows the next minute, no one plans for it, no one knows tomorrow

That’s how fast life is.

So while you live, do all the best you can, you never know if you’ll make tomorrow.

Stay Blessed!


Oluwadamilare Awe tweets @acoustichannah

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