Man arrested for breaking into homes and performing oral sex on sleeping men

by Adeniyi Abdul

If you thought the world couldn’t get any weirder, we’re here to change your mind. A DJ in Pennsylvanua America has been arrested for allegedly breaking into people’s homes (bad enough) and, wait for it, performing oral sex on men while they were asleep.

27-year-old Dajuan Porter is being accused, according to Harrisburg police, of stalking three men and sexually assaulted them in their homes.

The first incident was reported in May, 2011 by a man who claimed a man fitting Porter’s description climbed up through his fire escape, broke in and began performing oral sex on him, according to WHP-TV.

Another incident was reported earlier in April, this year when a man told police he went to Porter’s home after a party and fell asleep only to wake to the suspect assaulting him as well.

The third case was reported in July when the alleged victim attended a party and fell asleep after drinking and woke up as the suspect gave him oral sex.

The suspect was charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and three counts of sexual assault and burglary. Porter was also charged for sexually assaulting his sleeping prison cell mate in Worcester County, Maryland, last year.

The world’s gone mad.

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  1. XD this is too much. . . I bet when that one dude woke up Dajuan was like 'shhh shhh….its okay' XD dying laughing right now. There are really some deranged and perverted people out there. It makes me wonder what happened to the dude who was breaking into girls dorms and preforming oral on them… or maybe this Dajuan character is the same guy.. *whoah*


  3. God deliver ur people from immorality

  4. The guy needs serious help.

  5. No way, Porter's gone mad!!!

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail