[The Media Blog]: Er, Jesse Ghansah of OMGDigital, you are so wrong

So the media blitz for OMGVoice.com continues after they raised over $1million dollars. Yay for the market, and for content.

Except we always get a bit upset when, under the tempting glare of international media, entrepreneurs from these parts begin to exaggerate and dramatise.

So, OMGVoice might have plenty of legitimate reasons why it doesn’t cover politics, but this from its cofounder, Jesse Ghansah when speaking to Harvard’s Nieman Lab is wrong, and fundamentally dishonest:

“Politics and news is something we’re really passionate about. We see it as a problem among the youth: People don’t really read the news over here because it’s super boring,” he said. “With the little that we do, we try to cover policies and issues affecting us as youth. The way we grew up and see the world is totally different from the current news situation now.”

Really? Nigerian and Ghanaian youth do not really read the news? Excuse you? Did you pay attention to the last two elections? Who are those driving news conversations on Twitter and Facebook and what’s the demographic that’s top readership for Premium Times and Punch Online in Nigeria, for instance?

Oga, abeg shift.


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  • The media itself is skewed. Everyone pushes a point to suit their own agenda and if we’re blind enough not to see the motive behind such sleazy moves, it becomes the acceptable school of thought.

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