Meet the man who taught Don Jazzy how to make beats, plus why they no longer keep in touch

by Reuben Daba

Most Nigerians have probably not heard about him, but London-based Nigeria-born Adesoji Adebayo, popularly known as Mr. Solek claims that he is the man who taught acclaimed music producer Don Jazzy how to make beats.

Mr. Solek, who has been doing music professionally for 12 years with four albums to his credit, spoke with PM News about his new album in which he did collaboration with M’ocheda, Deebee and Sauce Kid.

In that interview, he had this to say about Don Jazzy and his ex-partner D’banj:

Actually, I met Don Jazzy at a show; he was playing bass guitar for Seun, a musician in UK and I gave them a lift and left together for another show. After that, he started coming to my house and saw that I have a keyboard and musical instruments; he asked me to show him how to make beat on my keyboard which I did. From then on, he started making beats on my keyboard.

At a point, he was staying in my house. Then, I used to stay with a man called Mike Attor who sings High-life. Mike taught me how to sing and play saxophone. We later formed Solek Crew and Don Jazzy played the keyboard and the beat with another guy called Michael. That is how I met Don Jazzy and we stayed together for about four years.

I think he wanted to do Nigeria hip hop because he was rolling with JJC after KAS took him to JJC. Although there was a little misunderstanding between me and him which is normal in life, eventually he joined the hip hop people and that was what happened. After we fell out, some people came to me to plead that I take him back, he came back and I don’t know what happened again.

He went on hip-hop, he did a beat for me in 2006 for a song with Ruggedman. Then he was with D’banj because at that point, we were still communicating. I think he believed he had arrived, the relationship just stopped. I have a policy, if you don’t want me, I don’t want you. I can’t force myself on anybody, not that we are fighting. If he wants to be my friend he knows how to reach me and if I want to be his friend I know how to reach him. I don’t force myself on people.

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