Mr. Ibu may be ‘old’ but his views about women in marriage should be taken seriously

Mr Ibu

While the debate on what is considered normal and appropriate as it concerns gender roles in life and in marriage continues, you would agree that changes have taken place, and the debate more informed. But, during such debates, we should never let age be a measure to let derogatory comments pass off as normal.

On Twitter Wednesday, Nigerians are debating the age-long topic – who should be in charge of cooking in the family? The debate was ignited by the views of popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor, on the subject.

For John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, women are solely responsible for cooking and men should only come in when they feel the need to – an opinion that has always divided Nigerians.

There are a number of people who share this opinion.

Mr. Ibu, like many men who hold this idea and fall to a certain age category, should not be let off the leash for their comments which set women backward. Yes, for the most part, they may come off as old school, but it is nobody’s fault that they have chosen to be oblivious to the injustices that have persisted against women and endured by women, just because they are women. If for anything, this generation should be appalled by such statements and drive change towards these men that pass off misogynistic comments in the name of giving advice.

Ultimately, Mr. Ibu is another victim of what society has made boys believe over the years. Society has been constructed in ways that are demeaning to women and favouring men. However, there has been an adequate movement against these societal constructs.

Women are rising to hold powerful positions in the government and in society, and the least we can do for people like the Nollywood actor is educating them on how the world has progressed with their views becoming archaic and totally unacceptable in a wider view.

On social media, the debate has persisted. Some Nigerians have stood side by side with Mr Ibu while many have condemned his comments. It is important to stress again, that while he may be old, his views should be enough reason for us to create more conversations that challenging such ideas that set women backwards.

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