Muna vs Modenine: R-e-s-p-e-c-t me!

by Tolu Orekoya


If you haven’t yet seen the spat between rappers Modenine and Muna, here’s the video:

In a nutshell on the show ‘Don’t Break The Beat’, judge Modenine made a call on a rapper to win the battle, and Muna said, “I don’t agree with you.”

Modenine took the mic from another judge and replied (sounding quite a bit testy), “That’s why I’m a judge.” He handed the mic back to the other judge then took it again and said, “I’ve been listening to hip-hop for a while. TRUST ME. TRUST ME! You have to RESPECT my OPINION.” Muna fired back, “I respect your opinion, but my opinion also matters.”

According to the video, he went on to call her a “disrespectful little girl.” Is that rap speak for “get off my lawn!”? I guess as a veteran in the industry (at  31  35+) the 24-year-old Muna must be a veritable child to him.

It seems that Modenine, did not agree with the compere disagreeing with him. She had no actual power in the matter, so why not allow her an opinion? Is that now the bar for disrespect, having a mind of your own?

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  1. Thank God d matter has been resolved.. muna,am not criticizing u, but to give u an advice! we should try to emulate African culture d most. in our culture,we do respect each other and this bring unity among us, and with unity, we progress more n more in d society both home and abroad…And as for mode9, there is a proverb in Yoruba language that says: "Agba ma n gba ni" meaning, elders should be calm in a situation like this.. Dont let us destroy what we'v built for so many years with our own hands within a few seconds. Let us go out there and compete with the rest of the world,i believe we must be great. Thanks to mode9,thanks to muna and every other nigerian artists that always make us proud all over the world.d sky is your limit.

  2. Tolu, you need to quit with this spineless attempt at defending your rather irresponsible taking of sides vieled under having an opinion. No well brought up and objective individual who watched the video will agree with you. It is either you as badly behaved as the the subject you are trying to defend, or you simply don't know what you wrote about. Your attempt to abuse Mode9 was also noted. What has his age got to do with anything?

    Muna has since done what was right to do and has apologized. Your opinion therefore has been thrown back in your face. You called the profanities from that commenter upon yourself. Yes, you have the right to your opinion, that in no way says you wont be attacked when you make juvenile ones.

  3. As in I wonder.. Is this supposed to be an issue?? With all these insults and curses over somebody else wahala.. We dey worry ooh.. Obviously the people who are taking this issue so personal don't have important things to think of.. Get a life pls..

  4. Mode9 ya own don finish album u no c sell na woman u go dey follow argue for talent hunt show na wa O°˚˚˚

  5. If the host of MBGN had questioned d judges when they chose her as winner, she wont be here would she?! Ur article is beyond stupid, if u av nothing 2 say just STFU or in d words of ur favourite bimbo(Judging from wat u wrote) "Pass d Mic Mehn"…. U av a brain, pls use it.

  6. If the host of MBGN had questioned d judges when chose her as winner, she wont be here would she?! Ur article is beyond stupid, if u av nothing 2 say just STFU or in d words of ur favourite bimbo(Judging from wat u wrote) "Pass d Mic Mehn"…. U av a brain, pls use it.

  7. I think the tiff between modenine and muna is a minor incidence, idealy presenters shouldn't let their ego's get in the way of the show,or relationship as presenter and jugde. Muna made an apollogy to modnine.I promise you they will sort themselves out before the days end. I think this matter is being exaggerated becos we live in a society that does not give any room for female indiscretion and opinions.

  8. Hip hop head your comment is crass and disrespectful. You ought to learn how to articulate your opinions in a wise and mature manner. Ynaija I am suprised you haven't taken action against this troll

  9. I am so so disappointed in you guys. First mode 9 is well above 35 so since u pointed they age thing out, she was sooo disrespectful. She was not paid to give opinions have u heard of the term judges decision is final I have never seen any where this happensvtge host arguing with the judge. Obviously ynaija or d writter is bias and that's so unprofessional. Even if the judge was whizkid she was still disrespectful

  10. Tolu or whatever u call urself,u r avery big idiot for even remotely trying to defend that disrespectful bitch Muna. Fool has been in d game only 2mins and she has d nerve to question 9's opinion? Even if she had an opinion, Nokia obviously didn't need it dats y they paid her to stand around and look pretty while the proffessionals handle the judging! Hell u come here talking about opinion? Fuck that bitches opinion and fuck u too! Punk ass! All dis bias talk aint never gon' get u some ass from d bitch anyway!

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