#NigerianIdol: Our ranking of the contestants so far | #RoadToTheFinale

Six weeks from now, and we will have our Nigerian Idol. This is relevant because if there is any time to tune in to the show (fan or not), its now. These next few weeks promises to be very interesting and heated, as we arrive at our 7 Most Talented Singers in the Country.

Among these seven however, who is best and most likely to win, based off talent and consistency of delivery. By no means, is this a prediction of who would win, as the winner would be selected by the audience, which can also be heavily biased.

At number one, it’s fairly obvious that Kingdom has been the best performer so far. No week goes by, without him having the best or second best performance of the night, he is as consistent as he is vocally powerful, and the best part is, the fans seem to agree.

The second best performer so far is Francis. Since the start of the knockout stage, he has buckled up and for the past four weeks, he has been nothing but awe-inspiring. Even when he takes on difficult or unpopular songs, he transforms the song to his, and makes the performance believable.

At number three is the most powerful female vocalist on the show, Akunna. From the theatre stage where she carried her failing team on her back, to this moment, Akunna continues to prove just how unapologetic, powerful and confident she is. Her voice is a unique therapy in itself, and she’s below Francis and Kingdom with a slight margin. She is one breakout performance from being considered the best on the show.

The fourth best performer is Faith. Like the top three on this list, every week he is a part of the conversation, the only reason the rest edge him out is because he isn’t as clear-cut as they are. Quite frankly also, they have shown more range than he has.

At number five, we have Emmanuel. The issue with Emmanuel is that he hasn’t been as consistent with the kind of performance he put up this week, since the start of his journey on the show. If he continues to sing like he did this Sunday, he may well be on his way to winning the whole thing.

The sixth best performer on the show is 16-year-old Beyoncé. Unfortunately, she has been questionable on this show, but her fans are powerful enough to keep her in the game. For two consecutive weeks however, she has proven that she is more than just an adorable character, and that she belongs.

And finally we have Comfort, easily the most loved singer on the show. There is no question that she is a raw gem, a fine talent who seemingly has a bright future in showbiz. She can’t be placed above any of the six however.

This assessment is not final, the contestants still have six weeks to out do each other.

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