Nigerians react to investigation by ‘Twitter FBI’ on accusations of sexual abuse

The notorious Twitter FBI has shown up, inspection tools in hand, on the latest trending case and Nigerians are amazed by their findings.

Popular Twitter influencer, Dr. Funmilayo was accused of being a rapist and an abuser in a series of tweets by a lady named Bola Aseyan on Twitter, late Monday.

In a series of tweets, Bola declared that she is also a doctor like Funmilayo and the reason for her silence thus far was because she was because afraid he could lose his license due to her allegations. She claims that other colleagues were pleading with her not to reveal the perpetrator but that she won’t be silenced any longer; proclaiming that she has proof to back it up.  

Since her revelation, two women have risen out of the crowd to also lay allegations at the feet of Dr. Funmilayo.


Before Bola named the accused, Twitter FBI had already sprung into action trying to figure out who she was referring to. It was speculated that the perpetrator was Dr. Funmilayo, and it was eventually confirmed by the lady. Soon more and more bits of information surfaced as Twitter FBI dug through scores of tweets to establish the validity of the lady’s accusations.

It was discovered through a series of posted pictures that had been uploaded by the lady in question on social media that she had been in Funmilayo’s residence. Funmilayo had earlier boasted of his newly furnished house in the United Kingdom and had uploaded pictures of the interior designs of its rooms. Nigerians had compared the pictures side by side and had established that it was indeed the same setting. The pictures uploaded by the accuser were dated ten days back, and many questioned why she was in his company just a few days ago. 


They also unearthed interactions on Twitter between the doctor and his accuser, which showed they knew each other before the accusation and had a cordial, friendly relationship before things evidently went sour. In one of the tweets, the lady had teased that Funmilayo and herself would move to Canada together. 



Some unearthed tweets of Bola saying that rape victims live a life of torment. In the tweet, she expands on how rape affects the victims. Some latched on to this and said it proved Bola’s innocence as she must have been referring to herself. 


Dr. Funmilayo had previously tweeted a series of numbers victims can call in case of abuse. The tweet was also recalled and many soon started calling those numbers to report Funmilayo, in twisted irony.

Many Nigerians have been filled with nothing but praise for the discoveries found by Twitter FBI, applauding their investigative skills.


Twitter users lauded them as being better than the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), The International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL), and all security agencies put together. They went as far as suggesting that these agencies consult with Twitter FBI for tips on how to lead their investigations.


As time progresses more varying accounts keep surging to the forefront. A Twitter user who claimed to know Bola has suggested that in her experience with her, the lady is known for uttering false accusations, and has an entirely evil personality. 


Dr. Funmilayo, on the other hand, is yet to respond to any of the accusations. 

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