No, seriously: How your mouth can help you start a business

by Stephanie Obi


If you want to start a business or even make a change in your life, first of all look within.

Listen to yourself, what are you saying to yourself, what are you telling others about yourself, if it is not in line with who you become, change it.

When you start talking about who you want to become, things will just start working out for you in that direction. When I wanted to start making t-shirts, I did not know a thing about making t-shirts, but I just started telling everybody that cared to listen that I was starting a t-shirt business. I started meeting people who showed me the way and the resources I needed started falling into place.

Do not look at your present situation, and describe yourself with that image. Look at where you are going and turn the image you see into text.

If you keep saying, “The chances of building a successful business in Nigeria is slim, I am not so sure if I start a business, it will be successful”. I assure you, if you eventually start a business, you will fail because you have already prepared your mind for failure, and all the Nigerian factors will rise up to make sure you do.

If you say, “I will never have the time to start a business”, indeed you will never have the time to start or run a business.

Our words are really powerful, way beyond we can imagine. I know you’ve heard this before, but I tell you from my personal experiences, it is really true.

Don’t wait till you become confident or sure of what you are saying so that people don’t make fun of you. Confidence is overrated. If you wait until you are confident, you will never start or change anything in your life. I understand you may still be dealing with self doubt or fear, just keep saying the right words, and you will be fine.

Take a minute right now to think about what words you say and change those words that limit you.

Done it?

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Wear a hot red lipgloss and start great things with your sexy lips. Lol…well, the lipstick part does not apply to guys.

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  1. This is just what i needed. Well put together, i’ll definitely be putting this into practise!

  2. Hello Racheal, that’s a very good question you’ve asked. Please follow my blog, I’ll treat this question soon

    @Dobby: Thank you

  3. This is so true. The power of words and seeds of negativity are enormous. Nice piece!

  4. i really love this,is inspiring and motivating but in a situation where you have idea of a business but there is no capital,what do you do?

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