Of Mars & Venus: Right or wrong?

by HD

If we go by what Celine Dion says, then you know that you “can’t stop, can’t fight and can’t resist it when the wrong one loves you right…”

I have often wondered if she was speaking from experience here. It’s an interesting take on things, but be careful of using it on your lover because it could either be a complement (when said to the wrong one) or a big blow (everyone wants to be the right one!). I’d say it’s better to be safe than sorry. But I digress. This song has been playing in my head recently (no, not because of my experiences!), so I decided to ask a few people what they think:


Jibril: The wrong woman cannot love me right oh! It just won’t gel.

Michael: I believe that if you cannot have the one you love you should love the one you are with so…

Ebong: I know that I can make any woman love me no matter what so I can never be the wrong one.

Freky: No, if the woman is wrong then she is wrong and we will not last. Or I will be a real African man!

Yemi: When the wrong one loves you, it will only last until the right one shows up.

Paul: If you follow God, you will never jam a wrong one.

Osas: Except the wrong one is so very wrong – in every way – love will solve every problem!

Obinna: I don’t know, it would be hard for the wrong one to love me enough to keep my love.


Mariam: That’s a hard question, but if the wrong man loves me I will love him back.

May: We women are very adaptable and will be happy as long as we are loved, so yes I agree with Celine Dion.

Uche: A woman will always respond to a man, so if he loves her, she will also love him.

Mabel: Anyone who loves you right is the right man.

Tracy: I would be loyal to the man, and even if I meet someone I later feel is the right one I will still remain with him because he loves me.

Dami: A woman will be too distracted with the children and house to realize that he is the wrong man.

Rosemary: I don’t know about love being wrong or right. If he does not love you, you will be miserable. As long as he loves you, all is well.

Larai: If a man loves a woman right, he is right for her.

Nneoma: We all pray not to fall in the hands of a wrong man, so a man that loves you is fine.

If you need any further proof that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, here it is! I asked twice as many women as men, expecting that at least one would tell me she would leave the wrong one when the right one came along, or that she would be a “real African woman” as well! The common theme was that a man who loved them right would definitely do well with them.

So guys, here’s a tip for you, it appears you can get whatever woman you want if you just love her right. And what does loving her right really mean? Here’s what the ladies say:

Rautha: Helping around the house and with the kids. After all they are our children and not my children, and it is our house not my house.

Kauna: Loving me right means defending me no matter what – even to his own family.

Motilayo: If he shows interest in my hobbies and work; encourages and promotes me; I know he loves me and he will always have my loyalty.

Amaka: A man who shows that he respects me and puts me above all other things in his life is all that matters.

Anne: He should always be considerate of my feelings and share with me, not always expecting that the best goes to him. I will naturally treat him as a king.

Miracle: Some men are very good at putting a woman down so she does not shine. A man who tries to help me shine instead of putting me down has my love.

Lara: If he can be faithful to me and trust me to be faithful; and if he trusts me in all other ways, I will say he has tried.

Christine: Some men view their women as housekeepers. That is not how to love them right.

Ada: He should provide for the family, even if I am working. If he shows interest in my personal needs then I know he is a correct man.

Baby: A man who makes sure that he keeps the romance alive in our relationship, always compliments and supports me no matter what knows how to love me right.

Vivian: When he keeps me as his best friend, then he really loves me right.

Need I say more?

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