Omar-Farouq Edu: Woman [NEW VOICES]

by Omar-Farouq Edu

A trophy is made of metal and I want you to imagine your body as a trophy. Exposure is not your friend, it’s your enemy that dims your shine because you start to rust and your beauty begins to fade. Where is your pride? At the very moment when an actor wins an Oscar he sees the beauty in it and he is proud. He shows pride by keeping it protected and unexposed just like how your body should be. The way he rubs his Oscar for cleanse is the same way you wear your clothes as it rubs on you. The only difference is your cleanse is an approval from God. This isn’t to say you are an object because in reality your worth is so much more. Women want to be respected as they should be but in all honesty anybody can label herself a queen and demand respect. The word ‘queen’ is just a label but once you are wearing a crown we confirm it as proof.

A queen without a crown is like a post without a stamp meaning there is nothing more to it and you stay in the same place. The crown is the voice you hold so tightly like a deadly secret when in reality it’s a gift from God that’s meant to be used. It is socially unacceptable to refuse a gift from any being. How then do you dare refuse a gift from the one who created us men that you stupidly depend on to speak? Who are you here to obey if I may ask? Man or God? He gives you something and we tell you that you can’t have it. Who are we as men to challenge him?

That voice that I also speak about is also your signature. It’s unique and only you can hold it like the crown you wear. As you pick up the crown and look at it, no matter which side you hold it there is always a reflection. The reflection in this case is your mind, which is a powerful weapon. Women are known to be more mature and smarter than men.  In envy we therefore tell you that you should be seen and not be heard. This is due to knowing the power of your mind so we feel threatened and intimidated because we cowardly can’t face reality. We also know it’s one thing we can’t take from you so we tell you that your opinions don’t matter to shut you down and yet some of you are stupid to listen. The more shut down you are to the world, the more we get the better jobs and higher salary and that is exactly how we want it. The irony is that our whole being including our brain literally started to develop genetically inside you. We somehow yet have the audacity to say that we come first when you gave us life.

We love to call you names like Bitch to put you down because we don’t want you to rise and take over. A time when bitch is used is when you show your power and control so BITCH literally stands for Because I’m Taking Control Here; be proud of that term. When someone calls you a bitch, reply saying the best women are because it’s true. When a man speaks his mind they call him a boss so when you speak your mind let that term mean a boss to you.

I never also got the idea of ‘International Women’s Day’, which I can bet was created by man. How is 1 day handed to you to be proud of being a woman when there are 365 days in a year? Also who decides when it comes? Why does it need to be chosen for you? And yet you get offended when the term “A Man’s World” comes by while you let it happen.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Omar-Farouk, 25, has a Bachelor’s in Drama/Creative Writing for Kingston University London and a Master’s in Acting for Film in New York and Los Angeles. He has a few short stories and poetry under his belt, as well as IMDB credits for two American movies. He also landed a scene in Nigerian production, The CEO and is presently building his personal magazine.

Instagram: farouqedu


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