Oo Nwoye: Emefiele really has to go now | Here’s how

by Oo Nwoye
Here’s a simple idea to help CBN get rid the f_k of Emefiele.

Emefiele, Nigeria’s Central Bank’s Governor has to go because:

  1. He is grossly incompetent
  2. He is not independent

I do not know of other industries but mine (tech) has been sorely negatively affected by the CBN’s shameless and disastrous foreign exchange policies and restrictions.

The world is globalized and actively preventing Nigerians from participating in global trade is nothing but sabotage. We cannot pay for services we rely on therefore our businesses are being destroyed.

I am a small fry and I am going crazy. I cannot begin to imagine how bad it is for the bigger players and others in other critical industries like manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals is particularly dangerous ‘cos it exposes everyone to fake drugs.

So what’s the plan?

  1. Draft an open letter to President Buhari expressing loss of confidence in Emefiele’s ability and APC’s Federal Government’s monetary policies.
  2. We (anyone adversely affected by this or with the guts) should sign. Let us get like 100 signatures for stakeholders in different industries.
  3. Crowdfund the cost of putting it in at least 4 National Newspapers. A minimum of N20k/signature. I no hold but my 20k is ready!
  4. Circulate the shit out of it. Cos it will have a matching website and the foreign press will pick it. And this government only acts when they do.

99% if Nigeria’s problems continue because people do not speak up and or act out of fear. We put immediate self preservation before the greater good. It is why our ancestors were sold to slavery (3 men with a gun will march 100s of able-bodied people to a ship).

Because I wonder why the banks are keeping quiet. Why the “big men and women” are mute.

This government works for us. How can so many of us be marched to economic slavery because of the whims of one man? Anyway, I don’t know how to keep quiet when I am being destroyed.

So let those bold enough make a move. Others will surely follow.

I understand for many reasons, everyone cannot put their names to such letter but are happy to contribute towards this. If Feyi agrees to write this letter I’ll double my meager contribution. Afterall, <$100 is not too much to pay to end this blockade on Nigeria’s progress

So who is in? Inbox, DM or email me ([email protected]) if you are down to sign/contribute. And also share the hell out of this.

Or do we wait until Emefiele kills us all?

Now let me go and beg Uncle Feyi to help us write.

PS: I just came across this grave allegation against Emefiele. No idea who is behind it and I am not in cahoots with them cos I put my name to anything I do. Nevertheless, anything that rids CBN of the saboteur is very welcome.

Update 1:

Our friends at @EiENigeria are going to handle ALL donations for this citizen-led project. Details will be provided soon.

Update 2:

Here is the form with instructions on how to donate. All donations will be handled by EiE Nigeria

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