Ope Adebanjo: The hope deferred (Y! Superblogger)

It cannot be so bad that we throw away the baby with the bath water. Now that the knife has cut the child, do we then throw away the knife ?

The state of our country has long been a cause of worry. While many still hold on tenaciously to faith, many have long given up. While some soldiers continue to fight in the trenches, drained in their own sweat and blood;  many have since thrown in the towel. I met Nigeria this way and since I’ve been hoping and praying, nothing has changed. This is true for many young Nigerians. Our parents and grandparents watched the decay start before their very eyes. The embers fanned into a raging flame and has not abated since. They hoped, they prayed and they looked heavenwards with hearts full of faith; waiting for the changed to come.  Nothing. Nada. No change. One by one, the petals of their hope withered and some have come to accept that Nigeria may not change in their lifetime.

Many young Nigerians are skeptical when they see someone trying to make a difference. And why wouldn’t they? Many have been bought over to the ‘other side’ and some have willingly offered themselves in their quest for money and power. It seems like a vicious circle. Just when the dawn threatens to break, Nigeria’s plethora of problems sends the light spiralling back. Just when we think we can finally hope, something happens to destroy it. Only a few are still keeping faith, many have since lost hope. Many say the problems of Nigeria are abundant and only God can save her. The others say we need a revolution. And the ever hopeful few, believe that this generation will change Nigeria.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Nigerians have hope too long, we have prayed too long, we have whined and cried too long. How long before the pressure breaks the link? How long before sanity takes the backseat and anarchy is the order of the day? How long does the heart of a man long for his beloved, his love unrequited and  he finds another more worthy? These are the questions many are asking. How much longer can a hopeful heart hold ?

My question now is, if we have a collective faith that glues our hopes together, is that not worth fighting for? If there is just an ember in the midst of the darkness, is it not worth fanning into a fire? Look around you. There must be one person worth your trust. It cannot be so bad that we throw away the baby with the bath water. Now that the knife has cut the child, do we then throw away the knife? Is that the solution? I am of the school of thought that Nigeria will be great again, but I know that it won’t happen overnight. It would take our collective trust, hope ,faith and hardwork .

I look at the crop of young people today and my heart swells anew with hope. Yes, many will deviate, but the true soldiers trudge on to victory. In the days to come, every action counts. Nothing is small. No one is insignificant. Our change may come in trickles. Slowly but surely, the heavy clouds of change will bring down rain. Be warned though, it won’t be easy. The wind of change will blow through our personal lives. We as a nation will scratch, fight and bite to resist change. Change is not an easy process. It is tough hard and requires growing into. It will stretch us, break us, bend us and mold us; it would do everything but destroy us. And then, the dawn of a new beginning will burst forth so beautifully.

Nigeria will not change herself. We may whine, hope, pray or give up; but only Nigerians will change Nigeria. Only our collective effort and belief in a new Nigeria can save this country and deliver it safely into the hands of the next generation. Only you and I can change Nigeria. Are you ready?


Ope Adebanjo is a boundary shifter, who loves to see the thread unclutter. She blogs at www.opesays.com and tweets @opesays


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  1. We are Nigeria! Nigeria doesn't exist in the boundaries we live in but in our Hearts and Acts today…
    How is the Nigeria in you? Is it Corrupt, Wicked and Weak? Or full of Integrity, Love and Strength?
    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Wow Article Ope! Arousing and Challenging…

  2. Many have bought to other side while some willing offered themselves for the quest of money and power….How I wish we could share d same school of thought, comb our resources together and focus on the mission just like the 'AVENGERS' help isn't forthcoming unless we summon d courage to face our fear and let's think out side the box. Ope you r forever one of my best.

  3. 'One by one, the petals of their hope withered and some have come to accept that Nigeria may not change in their lifetime' This here is the story of successive generations of Nigerian hopefuls. Young, vibrant and enthusiastic at first, the system soon absorbs them and normalize their spirit. And the baton goes to the next generation, and the story repeats itself like a soap opera. Hopefully the current set of gladiators will bring a new twist to the story.

    Well written, well done.

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