Opinion: 3 ways to renew your energy

 by Akan Inyang

As we go through phases at work and generally in life, we have to renew and get rejuvenated to face new challenges

I’m often reminded of my teenage years and my adventures into adulthood. If I learned anything from my physics classes back in secondary school, it had to be the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can change forms and even flow from one place to another. Enough of the reminiscing; the kind of energy I will be referring to, from here on in, is a combination of passion, interests, skills and a respective modicum of intangible underpins that make engaging in any activity-like a job- less of a bore.

Energy in a typical workspace or in the course of running your business swings both ways. It could either be negative or positive. It is less about having good working relationship with your co-workers or boss but more about a mental effect peculiar to individuals who can generate strings of actions or effects, perhaps also generated by the kinds of activities you indulge in. There is no one explanation as to what this energy is, but the lack of it can lead to job dissatisfaction, poor work or business performance and even individual frustrations which could be tied to working or work related activities. In the same vein, the benefits of having positive energy at work are endless- having an overcomer’s attitude, being progressive and achieving set targets, to mention a few.

As we go through phases at work and generally in life, we have to renew and get rejuvenated to face new challenges and stay ahead of the curve.

Appreciate your landmarks: Some people find it easy to stick to their flaws or making them larger than they really are. These individuals are used to remembering everything bad about themselves; their mistakes and shortcomings, they remember every single detail of each one. If you are in the habit of doing this, you’ll only continuously fuel a negative mental energy. Instead of clinging unto such heralds of the negative energy, deliberately sieve out your success landmarks, your key achievements and cheer yourself; yes cheer yourself!

Appraise your path: This might be the tricky part but you have to practically evaluate yourself; ask questions such as, am I really advancing? Do I really like my job? Do I need more certifications to back my experience? Am I gaining relevant experiences from the work activities I indulge in? Am I passionate about what I do? Do my personal interests make my work any easier? Be sincere in answering these and more questions which should ideally uncover your key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and looming threats to your success as well.

Re-establish a virtual thirst/hunger: Perhaps the easiest way to go about this is to set new goals and standards based on your appraisal and resolutions. After going through that self-discovery process with as much rigor –and sincerity-, you might need to turn a completely new leaf or may be tune-up your energy generating engine. Your main aim here is to re-adjust or chart a completely new course which should guarantee success on a grander basis.

According to the same law of conservation of energy stated above, the total energy of an isolated system remains the same; if there is anything to be learnt here, it is obviously the fact that you have to release your internal energies and let the world know what makes you special and sets you apart. If your energies don’t get expended, there won’t be any need to renew or refill.



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