Opinion: 7 tips to consider while hiring a new employee

by Edikan Uko

A company is not only made successful by the leaders or the managers. In fact, it is their team and the employees that put their efforts and struggle for the prosperity of the company. Now one of the toughest tasks for a leader is to hire new employees, as the future of the company depends on them. In fact, the reputation of a company is also dependent upon the workers and employees.

If you are going to start a business of your own or if you have already started it then here are a few tips and factors that you need to keep in mind while hiring new employees!

1. Job Description

Always describe your job offer and requirements completely and make it understandable as much as you can so that more and more people can approach you for that particular job. And if you are conducting interviews then let the other person know why you are calling them and specify them their task and post and then conduct interview accordingly.

2. Communication Skills

An employee must be really good when it comes to their communication skills. He must be well spoken and he must be confident and persuasive when it comes to a discussion or other communications!

3. Education

Education is what matters a lot no matter who it is or where it is.

Specifically, when it comes to hiring an employee, the one thing that you must take note of is the qualification of the person and you must check if his qualification justifies the post that you are offering!

4. It’s ok to say “NO”

If the person you have interviewed is not fulfilling your eligibility criteria then it isn’t wrong to reject him or her. They obviously can find another job out there so you just should not hesitate to say “NO” to him. Choosing an employee is really a critical and important factor when it comes to your company’s success and future, so always make a wise decision and chose the best!

5. Choose “Right” not “Perfect”

Yes, you need to be really wise and you have the complete authority to reject or hire an employee as per your wish. And keep one thing in mind that you need the right person to do your job, you don’t need someone who is just perfect because sometimes the perfect person won’t be able to handle the post and the work that you require!

 6. Team Players

The person that you are about to hire should believe in teamwork and he should not be jealous of other people if they are getting promoted. He should be comfortable and confident enough to work with a partner on one particular job and he should appreciate team work and put all his sincere effort in it.

7. Drug Test Before Hiring

This is a very crucial and important step. You must take a drug test of your employee to check if he is addicted to any sort of drug. You must be very careful in this matter and should ensure that the person you are going to hire is completely normal and not a drug addicted person.

These were the seven key points that you must keep in mind in order to build a successful business. Employees create a big impact on a company and they are the basic representation of a company so be wise and pick the best for yourself.

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