Opinion: Christianity is unconquerable

by Matthew Ige

There’s a dangerous wave and rave of rancorous rumours spreading like a firing inferno, far long before, I must add, that the Jihadists, the overzealous and the Islamic militants, want to invade the land and make ‘all’ Muslims. They are unsparingly spreading, prepared to spread like cancer to the down south of the country.

These handlers of this apprehension, majorly Christians, believe, that it is by no mere happenstance that the Nigerian northern Muslims are ceaselessly hunting for political power to spread, influence, and facilitate this Jihadist agenda asap.  There was even a time, here in this same Nigeria, that rumours had it, true or not, that racial mythological Hausa-Fulani voted President Muhammadu Buhari, to realise, this long-time Jihadist vision. To them, presumably, he that has the political will can frame and facilitate an agenda, by means of force. Maybe it is true and maybe not.

Those that blew the alarm against the Muslim-Muslim tickets during the run-up to the 2015 presidential election may be described today by our dear Femi Adesina as wailing wailers. Yet, they had their fears, and that is the forceful imposition of Islam on the non-adherents. And yes, it was a reasonable apprehension and very needful anxiety.

I must add this: I used to be afraid of such too. In fact, when some years back in Osun State, that there was hullabaloo on the religious regalia for the secondary school students. The Christians challenged what they considered as frivolous, meddlesome and a miscalculated attempt by the state government to provoke the peaceful river in the state by overtly supporting the students to be wearing hijab in a Christian faith-based school. I was a wailer then: I foamed; I barked. But where is the matter today?

Cautiously: I do not trivialise the possibility of the clandestine propensity of wanting to Islamise Nigeria, especially given the most recent move by the Federal government that scrapped the teaching of the Christian Religious Studies from the national education curriculum, a development that is currently heating the polity.  In fact, with the look of things, as they are being daily unfolding in the country today; starting from the appointments of all northern Muslims to head virtually all the security forces, including paramilitary like Immigration, Customs, Prisons; with crude lopsided recruitment in DSS with flagrant disregard to the spirit of federal character, there is cause for Christians to fear, and abundant reasons to panic. But given all these, I still believe that there is a God—all powerful God.

The plans of the enemies of the church—the body of Christ—had been on, and not only now. Starting from the time of Herod killing every baby that was born, all in effort to have Jesus Christ killed; to Holocaust carried out by German Adolf Hitler, where about six million Jews were slaughtered and wasted on the altar of racism, to the era of God-is-Dead in Europe, to age-long Muslim attacks on Christians, unto the Renaissance exuberance and Roman Persecution which led to the Protestant Movement, and yet, despite all that, the Church survived and outlived them all.

One thing I have come to realise in life is that every thought and action of men—good and bad as they might be—always outlive the planner, and it does not mean that that plan will succeed. There is a God that rules in the affairs of me.

Most instructively, everything in life possesses exaggerative power. Weakness can be exaggerated; failure can be and so success; even power, like all legendary stories; can be blown out incendiary proportion. And the beautiful thing about these phenomena is that they get their strength from men. Often times, we exaggerate the strength of this jihad and its ‘gospelers’ more than they can do. Until they are being seen as powerless flies that cannot fly beyond the roof-top, they will continue to flaunt themselves as gods of a sort.

No religion—even if manufactured from the pit of hell—and its god, can wipe Christians and Christianity away from the surface of the earth. The sooner we believe in this declaration by Jesus Christ that “Upon this Rock I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail’’, the better for us.

By the way, the cry of wanting to push Christianity into extinction and enthrone absolute Islamism in our religious sphere will not subdue or conquer the forthcoming tsunami. After all, “It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome…’’

Christians should do the needful: pray and silence the enemy on their knees.

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