Opinion: Femi Fani Kayode – A lost cause

by Airhunmwunde Matthew


He is still souring and submerged in the mystery of his inability to vent what the moment requires. His slanderous attack on today’s men is distinct from the perception of other yesterday’s men.

It is bewildering and almost appalling that Nigerians are baffled at the recent and unabated harangue by a putatively deranged and demented Femi Fani-Kayode.  Ordinarily, a lay man will imagine that this derangement is already in motion or perhaps completely saturated, however, that will be a misconception. What do you expect from a former Special Assistant (Public Affairs) to the President, a former Minister of Culture and Tourism, a former Minister of Aviation, who has been honoured with many awards both before and during his service in government? What are your expectations from someone, who erroneously thought he was high and mighty, that a temporary appointment was eternal, and that he was in the same term with God?  And then in a fluid burst of proceedings, was abruptly reduced to rubble.

A proper appraisal will become apparent that you have absolutely and utterly disremembered him and buried him in oblivion. His appearance in the Nigerian polity (which he has come to value more than life itself) is currently unseen and counts for nothing, and so he needs to stand out and be conspicuous at all cost. Femi Fani-Kayode has been in pain of vacuity and expressionless; he needs to craft an impressive, albeit scandalous, disreputable and notorious, provided it can induce him closer to that glare of publicity that engendered ecstasy. He understands the deep-seated truth about exerting a pull on grandstand. It is only on this ground that he imagined that he has a distinctive legitimacy on the Nigerian polity.

He is not unaware that Nigerians have a silver lining which they would spontaneously react to. In order to access this, he had to do something anomalous and incongruous such as creating and fuelling the existing divide. Such inquisitiveness of tribal schism served his purpose and Nigerians were compellingly fascinated by his ruse. For him, the superiority of the grandstand is inconsequential. If you noticed, no matter how badly is actions have been reviewed or how libelously his personal were the confrontations on his hoaxes, it was too trivial to nitpick about. From his vantage, attention, whether positive or deleterious- remains the main ingredient of his success. The worst outcome in the world for him is to be snubbed and ignored.

Smoldering more luminously than those around him is an ability he felt he was born with after all he hailed from a supposedly prominent political and legal family in Nigeria. At the start of his career, he had attached his name and supposed reputation to a quality that purportedly set him apart from most Nigerians. As a result, he has erroneously believed he had carved an untenable image for himself, and so he developed this unfitting and indecorous image along that line over the years. I am not interested in his alleged narrow-mindedness, chauvinism or bigotry, neither am I fascinated by his purported reprobated and degenerated tendencies, nor am I mesmerized by the ostensibly carnality and debauchery, but his unguarded utterances and reprehensible façade.

In other for him not to remain a flash in the pan and have someone else conceal his notoriety, he has decided never to distinguish between various types of enchantment; after all it’s working in his favor. He seemed much talked about in recent times by his act of deliberately courting an image of a humbug, albeit naughtily and waywardly.

Femi Fani-Kayode has found himself in a deprived and lowly circumstance in the Nigerian political system that offers little or no opportunity to make unshielded and imprudent statement as a representative of the incumbent President; that would have drew greater attention to him. Consequently, a valuable hoax is to begin to disparage the most perceptible and most illustrious issues you can imagine. Typically, a rational being gets over conventional issues, especially if they have been there, done them, not with Femi. He is still souring and submerged in the mystery of his inability to vent what the moment requires. His slanderous attack on today’s men is distinct from the perception of other yesterday’s men. While other yesterday’s men may have perceived issues as they were, Femi would have been trampled and downtrodden by a fall from limelight and incumbency, not exactly in the content of the controversy.

Now that he has fallen from grace (that’s his perspective), so to say, he needs to constantly recommence it by altering and refashioning his modus operandi of magnetism at all cost. This is because, if he fails to, the Nigerian society who has hitherto grew weary of his antics, would continue to undermine him, better yet ignore him; and that will be too hard for him to swallow. Notice that when he begins to fade away from the media, he would deliberately upset a fragment of the society, with controversial issues that went against all expectations. Undoubtedly, his pictorial mind is still telling him that he is still in control (of what? How laughable) by his comical antics.

Femi, never mind that you are not seen in public, it doesn’t lessen your suppose worth as an individual and doesn’t demonstrate that you don’t exist. Your interminable imprudent statement doesn’t replenish your emptiness, neither does it conceal your flaws of the past, nor does it reverberate your personality, after all, you have always lacked genuine merit. Do not let your artifice be gradually transmuted for endless deceit, unless you make it look like a conspicuous joke without peril. Quit trying to make yourself imprudently conspicuous because it’s all a reflection of insecurity on your part. It is not in your interest to be magnanimous at this time, cringe and recoil into your residual shadow for you have become a lost cause.



Airhunmwunde is of Nasarawa State University and wrote through [email protected]


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  1. Truth is biter.if fani kayode could say something special abt igbos n giv praise dt in tru sence u igbos does nt deserv,u could hv called him JESUS.

    BLAMING other ppl wen u igbos are d architech of ur own misfortune wil neva solv ur problem.

  2. Pls people should not wast their precious time for, drug addicted , bigot ,tribalistic , and sentimental human being like fani kayode, he is a lost man that need deliverance , he claimed that he graduated from Cambridge university, there’s no doubt abt that,but let me tell him that he can pay for te school ,but he can’t buy CLASS , meanwhile men of CLASS don’t behave like a foolish person like him ( a fool entity )

  3. FFK’s comportment smells extraneous influence. His courage stems from Dutch courage. Spoilt child with Cinderella complex. He is a small fish in an Ocean. Nigeria has passed him by, he is now a village champion. Go on championing ethnicity for you have unwittingly boxed yourself into recluse .

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