Opinion: Gays are here to stay

by hounge

Given all these variables, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the law becomes favourably disposed to gay rights in Nigeria.

I know this topic will shock, surprise, or amuse you but please allow me finish before you vent your anger. Thank you. When I say ‘Gays’ it’s not just Adam+Adam liaisons, it’s both Adam+Adam and Eve+Eve liaisons.

The last U.S elections was an eye-opener, not only was marijuana legalized in some states, about six states have now legalized same sex marriages. Europe has also recognized their rights. Some African countries are not vocal in its condemnation. Although, Nigeria has vehemently refused to recognize such and is proposing a 14 year jail term for whoever is caught in such liaisons, but for how long will the resistance last?

In 2004, this writer was a Diploma student at Nigeria French Language Village. He was awaiting admission into Obafemi Awolowo University and decided to get busy academically there. He met a dude (let’s call him D.O), who took an instant likeness to him. Being his first time out, somewhat innocent but not naïve, he didn’t see any wrong in it. D.O helped with assignment and he got to share dinner prepared by D.O girlfriend, what more could a student want? This writer saw a lubricant for the first time with D.O, D.O explained its use (not like I didn’t know, just never seen it before). D.O’s roommate warned this writer that D.O might have a special sexual preference but he took it like the doubting Thomas he is. Friendship with D.O continued, D.O passed a comment about twice, on the size of the writer’s member considering his age, writer was indifferent. Surely, a day came and D.O came to eat to eat at this writers room and decided to spend the night, they shared the same bed, writer didn’t see anything wrong with it (should there be?). Confirmation came in the morning, writer woke up with a woody, went ahead to say his prayers while lying on the bed, D.O lying behind him. In the middle of the prayer, D.O was mumbling ‘Amen” while he had fingers on writer’s member, doing some movements that were causing sensations on writer. Writer hurriedly concluded his prayers and sprung out of bed. That started a systemic distancing of this writer from D.O. He came another night to eat and wanted to sleep over again, writer told him emphatically “that ain’t happening!”

It is rumored that some very powerful people in this country are engaged in gay acts, in-fact one was rumoured to offer you a million naira and a car for one night of sodomy. It is generally believed that those in the corridors of power engage in it. The US once threatened to review its relations with countries that are anti-gay rights. Young people now see it as an avenue to make quick bucks. I also hear there’s an active gay community in FESTAC.

Given all these variables, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the law becomes favourably disposed to gay rights in Nigeria.

As for me, I remain straight as a concrete electric pole and like I tell my friends “I can’t leave the honey pot and go for the sh*thole” (pardon my French). If you can respect that and you are gay, then you can be my friend.



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  1. c d fact is dat is only a mata of tym u no y, bcos d end of dis system of tins is so so near.

      1. In hiding right? Keep decieving yourself it will never be legalized here in Nigeria not even in ur dream

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