Opinion: What the grace of God is all about

by Arome Osayi

Talking about grace it is actually an advanced manifestation of God’s love. The fall made it difficult for us to recognize the love of God, so God through Christ had to fulfill the judicial aspect of our salvation, all at Christ’s expense and offered same to us. Anyone who touches grace now feels the reality of God’s unflinching love. In John 3:16, Rom 5:2, grace makes what the love of God is offering available, but faith appropriates it and makes it ours.
However looking at a few scriptures to enable our understanding on the subject we have:

1. In grace, God goes through the pain of satisfying his demands on our behalf by Christ Jesus ROM 11:6 making us qualified only by believing in the lord and what he represents in heaven.

2. Grace is the spiritual energy released to make up for our inherent weaknesses 2 cor 12:9
3. The grace of God initiates an educational system (Titus 2:11-12), insisting we deny ungodliness and worldly lust so that we through this grace we can partake more and more of the dimensions of the Divine nature. The things that grace teaches us to deny are such as can facilitate our corruption (2 peter 1:4).
4. Its true purpose is to upgrade us to participate accurately and acceptably in the immovable and heavenly kingdom of God (Heb 12:28).
Grace is a great gift given to us from God because of his love.

However there are many ways that believers may relate to this grace.

1. 1 Cor 15:10, 2 Cor 6:1: To receive the grace in vain. It’s like receiving energy without manifestation a situation were there is no fruit for grace received which is almost always the case these days.
2. Rom 6:1: The abuse of grace (which is the major encouragement of the extreme grace movement and this position attracts 9 terrible consequences according to scriptures. Refer to my tape on the subject).
3. 1 Cor 15:10, 3:10 talks about becoming a creature of grace. We are supposed to be what God had in mind when he bestowed grace on us. For instance today I am an apostle of Jesus Christ by the grace of God and the grace he bestowed on me was not in vain and heaven received that grace in which I have continued until this day. Grace makes you live a supernatural life naturally. 

What Grace is

Grace, the only way by which we can be accepted before God
Grace, the energy supply by which we can carry out acceptable service to God
Grace, the means by which we can do the supernatural naturally and the natural supernaturally
Grace, the basis of forgiveness in the economy of God
Grace, the basis for life in the spirit
Grace, the foundation for holy living
Grace, the basis for kingdom participation
Grace, an invitation to be a partaker of the Divine nature

What grace is not
A licence for sin and iniquity (grace cannot be the basis of doing the very things for which Christ died)
A basis for total kingdom irresponsibility
A ground for lasciviousness
A ground for presumption and false hope.
The basis for a self-centered perspective

If you observe the way the new covenant was enacted you will notice the principle of selflessness. The lord Jesus emptied himself of His Rights and His life to get us into His fathers Kingdom. The result of that sacrifice cannot be me(self centered) but about Him and His kingdom cos selflessness is the pattern that is revealed in the way He authored our salvation.

The current grace, faith and prosperity teaching seem to suggest that I, me, myself is the emphasis which is an incomplete gospel seeing that it was the kingdom that was offered Adam in the garden in the first place.

It must be noted that an error results when a truth is twisted and forced to sustain a goal that is opposed to the original goal of the subject. Salvation was not in the original context in eden because the life of God was contained in the tree of life. It was the kingdom God was offering salvation just came to restore the original context the goal has always been kingdom participation. The goal of Grace is kingdom Heb 12:28 and to function in the kingdom we cannot but increasingly become more and more SELFLESS.

Grace does not shield us from instructions, laws, principles etc it only empowers us to be able to comply. In the kingdom the operating system is government which requires alignment and submission. There is a deceptive tendency for us to think we are excluded form governmental dealings because of Grace, such tendency is dangerous and presumptuous.

It is worthy of note to recall that at the judgment seat of Christ, Jesus’ designation will not be the God of grace but the righteous judge. Judgment at that seat will be based on righteousness revealed through works and the result will either be a rebuke or a reward (crown of life, crown of righteousness, crown of boasting etc).

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Arome Osayi is a minister of the gospel.

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