Opinion: Silly me! How I got lost in a hotel

by Chinonso Ogb0gu

Oftentimes in life we get lost while striving to birth our dreams. We know what we want but it appears that we don’t know how to go about it.

I got lost in a hotel I once checked in. That day was Sunday, and I was en route to Port Harcourt for a training. I started out late, thus I arrived pretty late—by nightfall, actually. When I arrived at the hotel, the porter was on ground to do his stuff while I moved to sort myself out with two beautiful ladies at the reception. At the end of the transaction, one of the ladies handed me a key with Room 206 boldly written on it and then asked the porter to lead me to my room. The short journey to my room was smooth and, for me, it was something that was usually usual. Since my training was scheduled in the same hotel, and I needed to be certain that the venue was in order, I dropped my luggage and immediately asked the porter to show me to the training hall. And he gladly did. When I was done with the inspection, I asked the porter some unsettled questions, offered him a nod of release, and then started my journey back to Room 206—but this time, without the porter.

Sauntering back to Room 206 was somewhat strange. First, I took the first bend and then the second and then the third, yet I didn’t see the floor where Room 206 was situated. Somehow, without paying attention to the numbers affixed to each floor, I had strolled unknowingly to the wrong floor. Instinctively aware that I had missed the route to my room, I decided to retrace my steps. For the next seven minutes or so I walked, yet I couldn’t discover the floor that led to Room 206. I was lost and I knew it and I wasn’t happy!

At that point, I began to feel a bit embarrassed—and scared. I was scared because if I didn’t find my way to Room 206 before tomorrow, I was in the soup—ha, jokingly I meant! No sooner had that silly thought hit my mind than I saw a Good Samaritan, the porter, heading towards me. Phew! I gave a sigh of relief and then began to walk towards him too. “Sir, do you need room service or something?” the porter asked, sensing that I needed either. “Um…yeah,” I replied, “could you please lead me to Room 206?” The porter led the way, and hey presto, there came Room 206! Honestly, I felt like spanking myself. I thanked the porter…and then I learnt my lesson…and then I learnt the route. Who knows, if not for that porter, I probably would have remained lost in a hotel in Port Harcourt!

Oftentimes in life we get lost while striving to birth our dreams. We know what we want but it appears that we don’t know how to go about it. If that explains your position, then several others and I are standing right next to you—you’re not alone. But the good news is that, we can change all of that now! How? Embrace mentorship. When you embrace mentorship, you expose yourself to the wisdom that that person carries. What mentorship does for you in life could be likened to what that porter did for me in that hotel. A mentor uses his knowledge, resources, experiences, and wisdom to lead you to your dreams. In other words, he helps in connecting you to the floor that leads to the Room 206 of your dreams, so to speak.

As you move ahead in life, as you set out to confronting life’s challenges, it’s critical that you have a mentor. However, let me quickly point out two important ideas. One, your mentor mustn’t be the glitterati you see on TV or read on the cover story of success magazines. I don’t believe in that. If there is someone close to you, someone whose values you could learn from, then I’d strongly advise you walk up to that person and ask him to mentor you. Two, mentorship is a symbiotic relationship. Don’t enter into a mentoring relationship with a parasitic mindset. It actually kills! Rather, also be committed to adding value to your mentor.


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