Payporte says #BBNaija “has not seen anything wrong with what Debbie Rise did,” and that is a disgrace

Earlier today, a Twitter user shared with us screenshots of a conversation with Payporte, headline sponsor of the ongoing #BBNaija reality competition.

The show is currently embroiled in controversy regarding the disqualification of Kemen for his sexual conduct toward fellow housemate T-Boss.

This, however, was not the first time someone in the house would be taken advantage of while they slept. A few weeks ago, housemate Bassey was kissed by Debbie Rise while he slept, after he’d rejected her advances while awake.

The situation came and went without much noise, but yesterday’s debacle sparked a debate about whether or not Debbie Rise deserved to be disqualified like Kemen was. This was the focus of the questions directed towards Payporte this morning.

However, Payporte defended the lack of action against Debbie Rise, stating that “Big Brother has not seen anything wrong with what she did.”

This is, quite frankly, a terrible disgrace. As we said yesterday, wrong is wrong. The most obvious difference between Kemen and Debbie Rise is their sex. However, that doesn’t make it okay. Sexual misconduct is not alright simply because a man is the victim. And the notion that she gets to get away with it because she didn’t have any prior ‘strikes’ is equally shameful.


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