Debie-Rise should also have been disqualified from #BBNaija for sexual harassment, and here’s why (WATCH)

We understand that our society views these things through skewed lenses but it is incredibly pertinent to point out that sexual harassment is not a gender-specific thing. Men can be abused, assaulted, harassed and/or exploited just as women can. And kissing a man in his sleep, after he’s spent hours rejecting your advances, is inappropriate on several levels.

That’s #BBNaija housemate Debbie Rise kissing fellow housemate Bassey in his sleep. This came after an extended conversation during which she made several advances at him, all of which she turned down.

Bassey didn’t complain like T-Boss did, so that’s probably the excuse for not disqualifying her. But it doesn’t suffice. Wrong is wrong. Engaging in intimate and/or sexual behaviour with people, without their consent (especially in the aftermath of constant rejection) is shameful and completely unacceptable.

The fact that people didn’t kick up as much of a fuss on social media about this issue as they did the Kemen and T-Boss incident doesn’t make it any less relevant, and if #BBNaija wants to make a serious statement about sexual harassment and consent, Debbie Rise needs to go. Else we’ll be left with the assumption that Kemen left, not because the organisers and/or sponsors care, but because they were worried about the outcry from people.


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