[The Presidential Blog] 5 things Buhari and Saraki could be discussing behind closed doors

President Muhammadu Buhari is currently in another one of his closed door meetings. This time with Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki. It’s not the first time in recent times that the two leaders have been in the news for this reason. And they rarely ever give us any feedback afterwards. So that leaves us with no choice but to speculate.

Now, obviously, there are a myriad of issues plaguing the country that will necessitate meetings of this nature between the heads of the two fully constituted arms of government. But in the absence of reliable information, here are 5 issues we think may be so pressing to require these meetings:

The New EFCC boss

The hallmark of President Buhari’s administration so far has been his keenness on ridding the country of corruption and this seeming confusion that looms – from the legislative end of things – cannot be pleasing to the President.

So we imagine the President may have summoned the Senate President to ask the obvious: “So what’s delaying Magu’s confirmation Bukola?”

The 2017 Budget

If this is the case, then we imagine this meeting was initiated at the behest of the Senate President. After the episode with the $30 billion proposed external borrowing and what appeared to most people as an affront to the President, Dr. Saraki is probably pointing out the lapses of next year’s budget to the President behind closed doors to avoid any public embarrassment when the Senate resumes in January to consider the budget much more openly.

Abubakar Shekau

Again, if this wild guess is the case, then it must have been a meeting requested by the Senate President. And he must have requested the meeting to let the President know just how ridiculous all these conflicting stories coming out of the Presidency about his whereabouts are.

And because we have watched too much of House of Cards and we know there is need to explain why this wasn’t just a 5-minute affair, we’ll be a little extra and say they are now whiling away time sharing a full-course meal.

The proposed removal of immunity for executive office holders

The President must have called this. No doubt.

Yesterday, there were reports that the Senate has started the process of considering the removal of Section 308 of the Constitution that guarantees immunity for Presidents, vice-presidents, governors and deputy-governors from civila and criminal prosecutions while they are in office.

While this may be good news to many Nigerians and will certainly put the National Assembly in their good books, it cannot be for many governors.

The President has possibly called this to ask: “Bukola, all the governors have been calling non-stop since yesterday. They say you want to bomb their plane (no that’s for my meeting with APC leaders) throw them in jail. Tell me about this interesting plan of yours.

Or maybe they are just planning a memorable New Year’s eve event

And this should be interesting.

Whatever the case, it will be helpful if someone from either President’s office come forth with a briefing of what these closed door meetings are about.


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